Maybe I'm a little too obsessive.

I use lists as a means for procrastination.

A few things that I have enjoyed over the past few weeks:

1. Coming Home. We watched this for my Sixties class and I really, really loved it. (And I know what you're thinking: two Jon Voight movies in that class? I know, I know, crazy. But phew, he used to be fiiine.)

2. The Killers' Day & Age. I got this over Thanksgiving break and listened to it about a million times the week after, when I got back to my dorm. Man oh man. This CD is amazing.

3. No Direction Home. And actually, just Bob Dylan in general. I watched No Direction Home this past weekend and read some pieces about Dylan and folk music in the 1960s, taking extensive notes on all of them (honestly, I took like four or five pages worth of notes on the documentary alone). By the end of the weekend, I had a finished paper (a paper I am in love with, by the way—I don't think I've enjoyed writing a paper so much in my life, not even the wizard rock one last May) and a renewed love for Dylan and his music.

4. AWOL. As in All Ways of Loving, as in Juniata's equivalent to a Gay/Straight Alliance. Specifically yesterday, we went to the faculty advisor's farm about a half an hour away (passing some horse and buggies along the way! Oh, amish folk!) and ate delicious food (ham! lasagna! green beans!), shared creative representations of ourselves (I played a Literature's song, and other people read writings or brought belongings that mean a lot to them—stuff like that). On the way back, we also almost hit a deer and died (ummm that might or might no be an exaggeration), but no worries, we didn't, and so we laugh about it now.

5. Siriusly Smiling. A new wizard rock compilation available on iTunes. It's hilarious, you guys. And for some reason, I find myself particularly in love with Gred and Forge's "Brotherly Love," which is about, erm, Weasley incest. Ahhhh?! So hilarious, though. When I first heard it, I kept shaking my head and nearly-shouting, "Oh my god... oh my god!!" Wonderful!

6. Twitter. I am so obsessed with Twitter. It's kind of ridiculous.

Now I count down the days until I go home and see my family and friends :) Excited! Vincent recently reported back to me messages from Lexington GSA and I'm so excited to see the whole gang again. Ahhhh :)



graceh said:

Ohh girl I feel you! I am SO obsessed with Bob Dylan myself, I have been specifically within these last two years...have you seen "I'm Not There" yet!?

January 20, 2009 8:45 PM