Maybe I'm a little too obsessive.

Just to keep track of my sanity

I decided that before this week officially starts, I should make a post of a few things that will keep me sane and grounded and smiling and laughing. Because midterms? They're gonna suck. A lot. But! If I can smile and laugh just a little big, then hey, maybe the stress won't kill me.

1. The Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack. I ordered this on Thursday evening after seeing the movie (which was amazing, and if you haven't seen it by now, then what? Are you serious? Go!), and it should be coming in by Wednesday (free shipping = happymaking). I'd much rather go down to the theater every day this week instead of study, but unfortunately that would be a very stupid idea. So instead of doing that, when the soundtrack comes in, I will probably be listening to it constantly.

2. Spring break in New York. I have the end of this week to look forward to! For on Saturday, I will be hopping on a train and traveling to Long Island to spend the next week with my roommate, Brittany, and our friend Lyndsey. We're going to go into the city a few times, and Brittany will show us her hometown and take us to the aquarium and all sorts of awesome stuff. We'll get to eat real food and have tons of fun and pretend like school doesn't exist. And my goodness, it will be fantastic.

3. The Lonely Island's album Incredibad. Andy Samberg and company? You are my gods. My friends and I sing their songs pretty much every minute we're together. And then we laugh a lot. So in the middle of my freaking out and throwing tantrums, I will at least be laughing.

4. The Great Gatsby. I adore this book and just my luck! It's the book we have to have read for Major American Writers by this Friday. It's not too long, it's wonderful, and it's a nice break from trying to figure out how to study for my Latin American Society & Culture midterm (I am so lost!). Oh, Fitzgerald, I love you.

So hopefully I'll be able to find some sanity throughout this week. I can't wait for Friday afternoon, after orchestra sectionals, when I can just sit back, chill, and then pack for spring break and clean up the room. Oh, glorious!

(Yes, I look forward to cleaning. That's how much midterms suck.)


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