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  • Master Baiter

    I really wanted to post about this because it is something I think you will all enjoy immensely. My new college roomate in college. Her name is Kristin. And, She masturbates. A lot. I kid you not. When we first became new roomates, she did it maybe once or twice and I didnt really take any notice because...
    Posted to hannahm (Weblog) by hannahm on 02-14-2010
  • Swim meet scandal

    Yesterday there was a swim meet at our school and Sarah's boyfriend, Colton, is on the team so she always attends the home meets. Sarah was pestering me to come and trying to goad me with "there will be super hot guys with abs wearing speedos," but I really did not want to go, because they...
    Posted to hannahm (Weblog) by hannahm on 02-13-2009
  • gmail is all about the high school senior girl pin-up pictures these days.

    So, like, it has been about thirty billion years since I last blogged, yes? The following will probably be really really disjointed and random. How rad! There's this girl in my computer science and microbiology/heredity classes that has been doing a lot of really crafty things lately. She cut out...
    Posted to gmail is a tricksy thing (Weblog) by saskiab on 03-14-2008
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