Swim meet scandal

Yesterday there was a swim meet at our school and Sarah's boyfriend, Colton, is on the team so she always attends the home meets. Sarah was pestering me to come and trying to goad me with "there will be super hot guys with abs wearing speedos," but I really did not want to go, because they are kinda really boring. But, my mother of course wasn't having any of that and she wanted to have some valentine's day "alone time" with our father, so I agreed to go along.


lol, on the way out of the house, I say to my father, "You two better have lots and lots of sex while we're gone or I'm going to be mad," then he says, "What are you talking about? We're not having sex!" and then my mother is like, "Lee! I want to get them out of the house!". lol, so yea, we left.


I bought a 50/50 raffle ticket, didn't win the $49 prize. O well. Our team lost, go figure.


So then Sarah and I get home and BOY! Do our parents have a sense of humor! Even though they didn't have sex, we walked into the living room and found meticulously placed clothing items as if they were strewn in the frenzy of love making; such as underwear on the table lamp, a bra on the tv, socks hanging from the curtain poles, and pants, well, you get the picture.




Are you ready for the next exciting edition of the World Civ Chronicles?


Well, this isn't that funny, more like really pathetic.

We took a chapter test today. But, the last test we took, the girl next to me I'm betting was counting on copying my entire test, because I did see her catch my first answer so I was sure to cover my answers extra carefully. Then after I did that she sort of just sat there for a few minutes, unable to do anything because she couldnt see my answers (someone didn't study, perhaps?) But then in going back over my answers I actually realized I put a wrong answer for the first question, so I changed it but she didn't and got it wrong, lol. It was totally unintentional, though. That test was the first one we took of the new semester, which explained the new seats and the cheater sitting next to me.


BUT anyways. For the test we took today, my teacher came right up in front of my desk and the girl next to me and announced to the class that there are open desks in the back so if we wanted to move we could, to not be so crowded, and he sort of motioned to the two of us. So after a few seconds of no one moving I got up and started to move and then the girl next to me made a little scoffing noise like "can you believe this girl? Doesn't trust me?" Damn right beotch.


So yea, test went good, aced it, on to the American Revolution!


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