Alarm clock, my fish.

 So I was reading jordynt's blog post about hating microwave beeps, and it got me thinking of a rather strange affliction I have with my alarm clock. Now, your probably thinking, "Well, lots of people hate their alarm clock."


But I have yet to meet another person who can't let their alarm beep more than twice for fear that the world will explode.


Haha! Gotcha on that one, huh? But yes. My alarm clock (pictured below) makes THE most GOD-AWFUL beeping noise EVER. It is not the really annoying, repetative, shreiking beeps, that are common with many bedside clocks. But this, I don't really know how to explain it. It is like a slow, short, spine-tingling, skull shivering beeping.


It makes me want to hurt people. Just a little. Like throw this clock at your head to shut if off, hurt. You'll probably survive, I have really bad aim.


But as I was saying, this beeping is so horrible that it has penetrated every fiber of my consious. which is very low in the morning, as you can imagine. I have been using this clock for, 4 years? Christmas present (thanks a lot, parents). It is understandable that waking up at 6 am every morning on the edge of a dream can mess with your psyche, right?


Sometimes I will be so disoriented that I will a.) forget how to turn it off, or b.) completely forget where I am and have a quick panic attack on what that excruciating sound actually is.


Regardless of how dazed and confused I am when it goes off, I ABSOLUTELY must stop the beeping before it reaches its third beep. You see, I am not like your average teenager when it comes to waking up. When my alarm clock goes off, I rush out of bed and down the 2nd floor stairs to get ready, immediately. This is because the beeping is so peircing that for the 11 seconds it takes me to get out of bed, down the stairs, and into the bathroom, I am fully awake. Then once the initial shock of the alarm is over, I am much like the common, sluggish, cranky teenagers you are used to. So, because the beeping is such a psychological assault, and after having this clock in the same place for 4 years, my reflexes toward the 'off' button are so sharp and defined that it is by pure training that as of yet, it is has not been allowed to ring more than twice. This notion got me thinking about what would actually happen if it did reach its third ring, thus beginning the whole "the world will explode", complex, because, really, if it has never happened, how do you know what would happen if such an event took place? You wouldn't!


(It is the increasingly-not-so-rare times like this that I let the crazy take over).


<img src="http://www.gosale.com/product_images/314000/314061-oregon-scientific-rm313pa-b.jpg">



This happened 2 days ago, and I don't think I have been this angry in a long time.


I have mentioned my beta fish, Tampon, to you guys, right? Well he lives in a fishbowl, so every few weeks I have to change the water from his filth. Well, it was getting around that time to do it. I walked into my room 2 nights ago, and I see the water level in my fishbowl significantly raised from its previous amount. I knew right away who dumped water in Tampon's bowl, so I confronted her. I said "mother, did you put water in my fishbowl?" and she replies, "yes, you were killing your fish."


Then I pretty much just snapped.


Betafish dont usually live that long, but if you are a good owner, you can keep them alive for a couple years, which is what I have done. Tampon has been alive for almost a year a half. I feed him every night, I change his water, I bought him with my money, I have kept him alive for this long. He is mine. So when someone, who doesn't even know his name or how to take care of him, walks into my room, puts water is my fishbowl and then accuses me of being a bad owner and almost killing him? She has absolutely no right to my fish. It is not her responsibilty to make sure I dont kill him. SHE HAD NO RIGHT.


So I tell her never to touch my fish again. And she just keeps at it. OMIGOD IT MADE ME CRAZY.


She doesn't know how to care of him! You can't just dump water from the bathroom sink into his bowl! You have to use filtered water, and you have to let it sit for at least 6 hours, so the water can adjust to room temperature. If you dump in water that is too warm or too cold, your fish could go into shock and DIE. She doesn't know this because she has never payed attention to him before. Just on a whim, I don't know why she did it, she peeks in my room to check on him (wtf?) and decides he needs more water. YOU DONT EVEN KNOW!


Tampon didn't die from her spur of the moment PETA act, but, man, I couldn't believe her. She doesn't know anything about my fish. Don't touch him.


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