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  • 'The Good Ship Misery'

    When I go to live on my own, I am going to have a yorkie, a bunny, and a snake and we are all going to live together on my pirate ship called Devastation. :3 lol.


    Aside from the randon-ness, I know I haven't blogged in awhile, but things have been crazy these last two months. We had winter break where Sarah went off to Spain and I was stuck in a small cabin on a cruise ship with my horrible brother who gets really excited at the words "open bar", I took the SAT's and the ACT's and the 'Michigan Merit Exam'; and yesterday I got home from France! The latter is the most exciting...


    Yes, France. The trip was for a program through my french class and we had the chance to stay with a french family and visit Paris. The first five days I stayed with my french family with host 'sister', Megane Vellandi and her wonderful parents. They lived in Thionville, France, in a province (I think they're called provinces, like in Canada, but I'm not sure) called Lorraine which borders Germany. We visited Luxembourg and drove through miles and miles of vineyard, I have a new 'wife' that is a statue of a late Duke of Luxembourg, I went to her school for 3 days and was shocked at the thought of ending school at 6 pm and three hour lunches, and I was schooled many times at a card game similar to hearts by Megane and her 11 year old cousin, Oriann, who is "also beautiful like the sun". I have so much fun with Megane, I invited her to come stay with me for a week or so sometime, and I am going to make it happen no matter what. Hopefully she can come around September because then she will be able to watch one of my school's football games and see us perform our marching band half time show. She has never seen a football game before because it is not very popular in France like soccer is, so I think she will really enjoy it.


    After the 5 day family stay was up, we spent the remaining 3 days in Paris with the rest of the people from my french class (we were a group of 13 altogether). We visited ALL the sites: The Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, Musee D'orsay, and, of course, Le Tour Eiffel, where we had dinner in on our last night in Paris. The Louvre was really beautiful and we saw many, many famous paintings and statues including the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo. At Musee D'orsay we saw several of Degas' famous ballerina paintings and 'Whistler's Mother', as well as a few famous self portraits of Van Gough. I think my favorite was the Arc de Triomphe though. Me and 3 of my friends that I hung out with most on the trip walked to it one night while everyone else was shopping along the Champs-Elysees. It was lighted very beautifully and it made it look very romantic and perfect. Plus, since we went to it at night, there were only about 10 other people there compared to the hundreds that usually flock to it during the day, so we had the pleasure of enjoying it in a more serene environment. :)


    My friend, William played a very mean trick on me while we were having dinner in the Eiffel Tower. He took the memory card out of my camera while I wasnt looking and then while my other friend, Jessica, and I were changing some settings on my camera and we tried to look at pictures, my camera said "no image". I thought that Jessica deleted all my pictures. Now, im not a person to start crying over these types of situations, but I completely lost my appetite and I got really depressed. That is when William throws my memory card on the table and says "Uh oh, Gypsies! Gypsies!". xD

    The Gypsies part is a long story, but I was so pissed at William!!! But I was also super relieved and I couldn't help but laugh really hard, furthering my pissed off mood because I didnt want Will to know how funny I thought the trick was.


    So yea, I got home yesterday. Sarah picked me up from the airport and when she asked what I brought her I realised I left all the stuff I got her at the airport in Paris, LOL. xD They weren't great gifts, but Sarah and I often have trouble finding gifts for each other because in essence, all we ever want from each other is, well, each other. But I got her a small compact mirror that has the eiffel tower on it so she can look at herself whenever she wants (lol) and some chocolates that have pictures of some famous places in France such as the Arc de Triomphe and the Louvre on the wrapper. And a friends' gift keychain was in the bag too. But oh well. Shit happens.


    Side note: Sarah and I are going to see My Chemical Romance in concert April 19th!!!!!! WOOHOO! Much love to the Way brothers, Frank, Ray, and Bob. I hope we get to see some 'Frerard' action. *melt*

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