March 2009 - Posts

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     So, on the 26th last month we had our.... well I don't really know the technical term for it, but it was the concert the band has every year right before band festival to prepare us, I guess.


    Anyways, everything went fine, really quick, and after they served 50 different kinds of free cookies and brownies and the strangest concoction of juice that you will ever find (we have it every concert). I think it is a mix of orange juice, 7up, and some other liquid which gives it the deep salmon coloring. Always tasty, though.


    So I grabbed a juice and a cookie that I thought looked good, although it was like an undercooked brownie at the same time. It was really gooey, so I had it on a napkin and was holding the cookie on the napkin with the juice in my left hand while I was trying to eat it with my right. Well, it is a lot harder than it sounds and in trying to pick at it without dropping any, I slowly started tipping my cup over and straight out of a cartoon, I slowly poured all my juice on the ground without noticing.



    Today, the guy who records all of our concerts and mixes our CD's came in to help me and the other french horn players. I guess he is this big shot horn player that has played in all of these bands and shows (which he told us, of course). He was a good horn player, except he yelled at me a few times because I play on the Bb side of the horn instead of the F side, like him. So when he asked us to play something on the F side, I had trouble because I was so used to playing on the Bb side.


    Oh, also, he was kind of a racist. A recovering racist, though, for sure. One time he was telling us this story about how he helped a girl get a scholarship to Wayne State University and he said, "because it is so hard to find a good, white girl french horn player," [yea, of course, any other other ethnicity french horn player would do just fine as well] I thought. He also commented on the "neighborhoods going to hell" (ie, now a large african american community) around Wayne State University (which he graduated from).


    I say he is "recovering" because twice when he said something questionable, he lightly slapped himself on the face and said "oh, that's bad." Like when he was telling this joke and he put on this deep, James Earl Jones voice and said something like, "now get me some chicken!"


    Even though he is a good french horn player, needless to say my respect for him is not what it could have been.