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  • RED Reading today!

    So, today is the Red reading in Birmingham! Im really excited, I already picked out what I am going to wear. It is kind of sporty, a black t-shirt with brown cargo-ish pants. Hopefully you guys wont think im crazy (but I am, so shh!)


    Sarah and I practiced reading to each other today. Sarah did really great, but I sort of forgot to exhale a few times so when I got to the end of a paragraph I would have to stop and blow all my air out because I didnt before. LOL. But I think it was just because I was reading too fast, which Sarah told me. I'll just slow it down and then I will have time to exhale. xD


    Sarah and I also want to be as cool as Lisa and ad-lib a little, so we were thinking that when Sarah reads the sentence "Do we have our own language or are we telepathic?", Sarah would turn to me, then turn back to the audience and say "Hannah says no." :P So we'll pitch that to Amy and hopefully she will find it as funny as we do (or not, sometimes our humor is mistaken for insanity, im ok with that).

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