Master Baiter

I really wanted to post about this because it is something I think you will all enjoy immensely.


My new college roomate in college. Her name is Kristin. And, She masturbates. A lot.


I kid you not. When we first became new roomates, she did it maybe once or twice and I didnt really take any notice because I was asleep and didnt even really know what was going on.But now, I know. Boy do I know. For the past week or so, she has done it every night. EVERY NIGHT. And you know what? I get it, sorta. We all have "needs," sure. But I have to get up at 8am EVERY MORNING!!! And she doesnt have to get her ass out of bed until noon!!! So I dont understand why she can just wait until I leave in the morning when she can have 4 hours of undisturbed pleasure-time to herself, ya know?


I even did something kind of drastic. I sent an email to my favorite radio station because this is something they talk about. and they actually sent me an email back asking me if I'd like to come on the show with them and talk about it. And I was like HELL YEA!! So that whole thing went down. We talked for about 20 minutes on air and basically we came to the conclusion that my roomate is a crazy-possibly bisexual-exibitionist and this is every mans dream. They also suggested that I go on Craigslist and sell my room to a lesbian who would enjoy such a scenario.


It was all really funny and I had a great time talking to them.


Good news is lately she hasn't been doing it as much. My thinking is she went home one weekend and 'saw' her boyfriend. If you know what I mean. And about her boyfriend. He has come to stay with us I think twice this year? The first time - no big deal. The second time, however, they both came back really drunk and almost the worst thing ever happened. First, he started fingering her and she was all moaning and whispering and I was like "HOLY SHIT THIS IS NOT HAPPENING!" and then they were like "lets have sex!" and THANK YOU JESUS - they couldnt find a condom.


So needless to say me and my roomate are not exactly besties in the friend department. we get along alright, but she does not have my respect and clearly it seems she does not respect me that much either. Only 3 more months though.


Today I pretty much sat around my room all day. Watched Supernature and Vampire Diaries online, then I watched the "unaired footage" from Jackass. I laughed so hard. I love those guys!! Then I went to eat dinner with my friend and when I got back I remembered the new season of Amazing Race is on but I completely missed it!!! I'll have to watch it next Sunday I guess. :(


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lisac said:

HAHAHAHA  I haven't been on this site in awhile but this blog entry caught my attention. I love, love, LOVE how you talked about your roommate's masturbation habits on the radio. I'm assuming you're moved out now? At least you got a good story out it :)

May 26, 2010 5:28 PM