Making History

Nice title, huh? Although I can assure you this sort of "Making History" isn't nearly as interesting, affective, or amazing as what we'll be hearing from Dani in the years to come! But history is history, afterall. So I guess this, my first blog post ever, was appropriately titled...to some extent.

Anyways, I don't really know what you're supposed to type on these things (it is, after all, my very very first blog post). So, I guess I'll talk about the party last night. Meeting you all was amazing. As my mom said (you'll find I quote her a lot =P) there were so many different personalities in the room, so many teenage girls. You had the energetic, peppy girls, you had the moody, quiet girls, you had the original, unique, "standing out" girls, you had the artsy girls and the shy girls, and you had the "OMG-I'm-SOO-bored-outta-my-mind-when-can-I-go-home" girls. They were all there. The only difficult thing for me was-Which author is which? Now, I know I'm not alone here by saying this, but even as I got the signatures, I didn't know who was who! But out of the few girls I actually talked to, and matched name-with-face-with-story, it became clear that you shouldn't always judge a book by its cover. The cover of RED is one example. It's just a cover. And I know that it doesn't look like me at all! With all the doodling, if that was my actual notebook, I'd freak (I'm kinda OCD/Perfectionist about a LOT of things--although I'm not sure that's something I necessarily want to admit to girls I'd had little to none conversations with). And I'm sure there are stories in the book and authors in real life that relate perfectly to the cover. Now, I'm not insulting Amy or who ever created the cover (or at least not intentionally!!!) because I realize, which is basically what I've been trying to say for the past paragraph of writing, there are sooo many different personalities in the book!!! SO MANY!!! It's insane, it really is!

More from me later-I'm in Kelly Otterness's mom's studio writing this, and my mom is lying down, reading a book on the stock market (her newfound hobby), although I'm sure she wants to get out and walk around town....although it is VERY cold out! But first, before I go (i just remembered a pretty funny story)..

Ok, so we were walking around Ludlow and Stanton (where we are staying), and my mom actually stopped and got me a coat, because, if you saw my little poncho-type-pea-coat-style "coat" last night at the party, you will know that with weather like today's, in NYC, I was freezing my butt off! And I literally tried on 10 different coats, trying to find one that fit my long arms (curse my height). It's a miracle!!! Haha, well...that's all from me...for now! =P  



jordynt said:

Hey, yeah, I know what you mean about there being so many different personalities. And yet we all seemed to get along REALLY WELL. And some of the girls were not at all what I expected from their essays... it's cool being able to put a face behind the story though. It makes everything in the book so much more real if that makes any sense.

November 17, 2007 9:04 PM