math. and jonas.

 so this summer, i'm supposed to be working on math...i almost failed last year, and that was a new experience...i've only ever gotten A's before that..but anyways. an hour a day was the deal....it's now halfway through the summer, and i have not even touched the books. (okay, that's a lie, i opened one, read a problem, and then the solution. and then wrote down the steps on how to solve a problem like that...but that doesn't really count, does it?)

anyways. i got back from chicago yesterday. we went to see the JONAS BROTHERS :) (fans, anyone?!) and then went shopping. i think friday night was the best night of my life EVER...i seriously almost started crying.

now, i'm watching my dog bite his leg (freak.) but i'll forgive him b/c it's probably the radiation from his chemo. (he had cancer this past spring)...now he's healing the 'wound' by licking it. i'm telling you, he was probably dropped on his head as a baby. i'm also procrastinating and [not] trying to do my math :)

i guess i should get on that.


thought i'd give you all a little update. nothing wise or inspirational..but oh well. ha. life's not always like that.


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