Back home again....in Indiana...(it's a song, haha)

Alright, so I am home now, in dreary Indiana. And I say dreary because, while it really isn't too cloudy, the temperature is 34, it's windy, and to be honest, it might as well be snowing. On second thought, I actually enjoy the snow, it's so beautiful...so I suppose I should say it might as well be raining. Ok, now that we've established the mood (bored, jet-lagged, have 3 days' worth of homework ahead of me...due tomorrow....for 7 classes, and memorizing a whole dialogue for World Languages-God I really hate Mr McMillen)...and my mom's mood? I'll humor u with some dialogue...
"Get off the computer and do your homework. Once you do it all, you can enjoy yourself." Nicely put, Mom.

"OKAY, I KNOW! I  am getting off now." Man, can I lie through my teeth or what. Not to mention, i was sorta planning on going christmas shopping with my friend today...but watev....

I guess I should get started on my homework...sorry I just wasted about 5 minutes of your time...I promise you can return the favor :-)




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