No one told me that running at night produces sore limbs

So last night I snuck out of my house with my friend, and we ran across town (our town is small enough that you can walk pretty much anywhere, but big enough that if you go down dark streets, you should be ready to dive into a bush.) and I managed to stab the bone right below my eye with a twig as I fell into a large shrubbery with my friend to remain unseen by a passing car.  We are really that cool.  It was a few hours past curfew, the police were circling (because they don't actually have anything to do but bust teenagers out for a night time stroll) and we were doing the whole dressed-darkly, pretending-not-to-be-mortally-afraid-of-every-guy-we-passed-on-the-sidewalk thing, and it's really quite the exercise.  We were walking down a main road when a drunken vehicle turned onto the street, so we ran like a leopard infected with rabies was chasing us and hid in the crevices of a pentagon-shaped house.  After doing this kind of procedure for half an hour, we got to our other friend's house.  I should stop now and explain about my other friend.  She is paranoid about everything, thinks her sister is a nark yet told her and her friend where she was going and kept telling me how much "fun" she was having.  So we're patrolling the neighborhoods hoodlum-style, and her mom calls and tells her to come home.  So me and friend #1 head off to my end of town.  This morning my dad got a call from my 2nd friend's mom...so I was busted.  But my dad is so amazing that he hasn't gotten angry(mostly because I confessed at the drop of a pin) and my mom's away for a few days so the slaughter will not start until Monday.  Now I have to go watch the Bourne Supremacy, so I'll sign off.  Or something equally proffesional. 



jocelynp said:

You have a curfew for your town? Do other people have this? Is that a regional thing? That seems weird to me. I live in North Carolina. You're in Oregon, right? Anyway, I do envy the fact that your town is small enough to walk anywhere in....I can't walk anywhere here....And I don't drive, so that severely limits my freedom.

December 16, 2007 9:34 AM

jordynt said:

I could walk some places in my town, but the fact that it's so close to a big city makes it seem less small to me for some reason. I mean, when an interstate goes right through the town, it doesn't exactly scream "this is a small town!", now does it?

But I finally have my license, so that makes me happy.

December 16, 2007 3:16 PM

zulayr said:

haha, nighttime strolls. i used to do that- until i realized how potentially dangerous it is to do that in the city i live in. but the thrill of it is enjoyable!

December 17, 2007 7:36 AM