Da bist du ya!

Hey, guess what, I can make a difference!  I realized this a few hours ago, in my world religions class, inbetween hating being grounded and dreaming about far-off places with hopefully less faux fur-lined hoodies.  Our class was studying Judiasm, and we had just read a short overview of some of the most important components of the magnificent religion, and chosen the sentence that we thought was most important.  Then we were told to "form groups", which is code for "find out how different you really are" because there were three huge groups of people that had chosen the same sentence (or changed theirs in order to be with their friends), a few smaller groups, and then three individuals.  I was one of them.  Standing out is not something I enjoy.  During class I like sitting, eating chocolate chip muffins, and sharing my honest opinion without having any sort of giant, sweat-inducing spotlight shone on me.  Unfortunately, I had to tell the class in detail why I thought "not being forgiven for actions" was more important than "saying blessings at meal-time".  It's not that I'd rather plunge my head into a vat of eels than give a presentation in front of the class, because I'm fine with that, but I just can't stand that look I get from the empty-headed people in the front row, that lunch is in forty-five minutes and I'm hungry enough to consume that tasty-looking human blabbing on about Hindu symbols look.  But after sharing my opinion, Jewish-beliefs-wise, the teacher asked us to consider changing our opinion due to what our classmates had said, and if we did, would we please write it down on the top of the paper before passing it in.  Twenty minutes later, I was passing my teacher's desk when she told me that I had persuaded another student to change their opinion, meaning that because of me, a fellow student now shared my opinion.  Feeling accomplished, I returned to my seat in the back of the class and began to record a Red-related strange dream I'd had, about not being able to find my essay in the book when I was supposed to read it for a whole bunch of people.  The next period I watched The Pianist, which is almost as scary as Schindler's List, but with the benefit of amazing piano (hence the title, in case you were wondering), so my good mood was slightly ruined, but since watching horrible movies about the Holocaust (hmm, I had a very Judaism-centered day, now that I reflect with a dash of focus) makes me incredibly sad but aware of how lucky I am, I ended up feeling sort of brooding-happy.  Anyway, that was my day, how was yours?    



jordynt said:

?: What does "da bist du ya" mean?

On another note... that's so cool that you persuaded someone to change their mind.

December 17, 2007 10:12 PM