January 2008 - Posts

  • The negative aspects of a good memory

    I really have it together. Have you ever experienced moving on with your life to only stumble on something or someone you were once well aquainted with....dare I say once dated, and realize that all you've been doing is ignoring how many weird and irrational things you've done over the years? Well now I sound like I'm old and scratching at a bee sting that reminded me of the Great Depression, but I hope you assume that by years I mean....three or four. I'm all full steam ahead, taking a class at a university, walking through 20 minutes of slush in four inch heeled boots to get to school because I don't care if I can't get a ride, I want to wear those shoes. But one tiny thing as stupid as finding the myspace of my horrid exboyfriend that I only dated because he was a friend of a friend who desperately wanted him to find a girlfriend (and you thought that might have been a warning sign. For someone with perfect vision, I'm pretty crap at seeing what's in front of me.) is enough to annoy me and halt my procrastinating. The horrors. Unfortunately, there is a creepy aspect to this. That when I read his blog ranting about how terrible Juno is (as IF, it made me want to stomp on his yellow messenger bag, in the wildly impossible scenerio where he isn't actually touching it) I could hear his voice in my head saying all of the arrogant and obsessive things that makes Juno a bad movie. And although everytime I see him in the hall and say hi, not because I want to but because I want to show how utterly mature I am compared to him, and he blatantly ignores me, somehow his high, mentally straining voice is still hammered into a place in my brain after 9 months. Ewwwwwwwwwww.