How prideful of you

"Pride is a very common failing I believe".

 So I admit, I just quoted Pride and Prejudice.  I've even gone so far as to dicuss the different aspects of the text and how it relates to modern day humor in public.  The things I have accomplished apart from this have been rather meek. 

 1. I hemmed a pair of tie-dye shorts that have been in my sock drawer for years, using my brand new sewing machine.  I was so productive that I gave myself a headache and dry throat from all the excess energy.

2. I google imaged the Amersterdam airport.  I have a feeling that this depletes brain cells.

3. I google imaged nice hair and found a marvelous picture.  The smokey-eyed girl in the picture is Alexis Bledel (remember her from that Pants movie that I watched once and promptly forgot about?) so obviously it has to be a lovely haircut.  My brain cells must be depleting out the ying by now.

4. Listened to Sandstorm.  Flashed back to school dances where everyone was doing the hokey little Sandstorm dance in a "ballroom" that reminded me of a refurbished gym.  

5. Paid 50 dollars for someone to stab my flesh with a needle. Annnnnnd I now have a belly button ring to show off my hawt bod when I go to Italy this summer. Or, you know, I could wear the one-peice I've been eyeing on Urban Outfitter's website and not live up to the MTV version of American girls.  But then how would I have any fun?

6. Did horribly on my Chemistry final. But honestly, diatomic molecules are no cause for celebration.

7. Maintained a steadfast diet of apple pie and chai. They rhyme too!

8. Discovered the greatest song ever created by two British men: The birds and the bees, by Patrick and Eugene. There is a banjo involved.

9. I lied when I said that all I ate was apple pie and chai. I also find myself feasting on Cheddar Bunnies and organic strawberry fruit roll-ups. You'd think that by now I'd have some sort of wart on my thumb from all the malnutrition, but my skin is oddly boil-free.

10. And the winner is.....I started rereading Pride and Prejudice for my English class (or "Pre-AP" as I fondly refer to it) and for some strange reason can actually understand the writing. Which is supposedly a good thing because there are more SAT words in P&P than any other book. Because the SATs control my life and my only chance of survival is to do well on them. So, who's planning the SAT party this year?



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