so yeah, i got robbed...

while i was in the shower and some thief-man-woman broke into my house in AA and stole my laptop, cell phone, and wallet. i had my 10 page fiction portfolio on my computer, and of course i didn't back it up to my flash drive so i had to REWRITE THE WHOLE DAMN THING. i was furious. livid. about to slit someone's throat. it was due that same day i got robbed. thank god i got an extension. i had also just bought a brand new phone when i renewed my verizon contract two weeks before the robbery. of course my parents don't believe in insurance for anything. i had to replace all my cards, including debit, credit, mcard (i couldn't check out any video equipment/edit for my classes until i got a new one), and $40 in cash. wasn't a fun week. this happened sometime in may but i couldn't blog about it due to my missing laptop. i just got a new one (macbook pro! what an upgrade from my long-lost toshiba), which i was planning on buying when i graduate but it will be quite useful now. stupid boy roommates didn't lock the front door, and of course i was the one who was punished! erg. i'm still pissed. i'm never living with 6 boys again. at least it was only for two months. 



jordynt said:

Wow thanks for scaring me. Lol. I'll be double-triple sure to lock the doors now.

July 7, 2008 1:43 AM