WHOA! someone edited my blog!

I looked at my last post to see if anyone commented, and BAM there are stars in place of the bad words I wrote. When did that happen?!? Was I just not swearing enough before?? (hahaa). Amazing. Who goes through and changes the bad words? I'm going to see what words they change:




Sorry, this is the only time I will intentionally swear...I'll try to keep it down next time haha. This is amazing. This is a fun test. I'm going to check again next week and see what's changes into stars.





AmyG said:

Lisa! Sorry! No "one" censored your blog, and RED is of course anti-censorship--all authors encouraged to be as foulmouthed as you wannabe. Now how to remove the auto-censor from the software we use has been a bigger problem/another story... F*** them. The funny thing is this first came to our attention when someone posted about *** Cheney and it kept censoring his name. Dickheads.

February 5, 2009 1:25 PM