News from the editor

More later—your editor's losing it—but for now, just biggest, reddest thanks!!!

Wow, first book—and first blog. I've never done anything like either before, and I'm just in awe of all of you, hope I can keep up. MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION: ANYONE KNOW HOW TO DO A LINE BREAK IN HERE? START A NEW PARAGRAPH? I promise I'll start behaving like a proper blogger once we have the basics up on the site, but I'm feeling like I should make sure we get all that going first. Can't wait for the time I can just be writing here and talking to all of you and have the time to read things like Saskia's recap of her and Amy's NY trip to Sam's existential revelations to Olive's playlists. Too cool! In the meantime, want to thank you all for being the amazing girls, writers, minds you are and all you've done to make Red the Book real. Can hardly believe it. And a few today's thoughts/questions (this is what blogs are for, right?): 1. Some of you are in the process of applying to colleges...that others of you are now attending. If there's any place on here for a kind of inside college info exchange, might mean a lot, one RED writer to another, vs. some guide written by someone else? 2. Anyone as addicted to Heroes as I am now? I'm new, only on season one, so SHHHHHH with the spoilers. But I love it. And I want to apologize that of all houseguests, we made Ms. You Want to Know What My Problem Is, My Problem Is TV Saskia Boggs watch about four hours straight of it...TV. 3. Don't take those comments on Jezebel—please note these are the comments, from people out there hiding behind the anonymity of the web, NOT the proper reporter/photographer/journalists/site—as anything more than people who need to find something better to do on, what, a Friday night, then insult teenagers based on misleading information. I mean, come on! They're picking on brilliant 13-year-old Dani. And as any of you saw her know, they're just jealous... Plenty of genuis writing from authors under 30 in there, plenty of girls of color, and so on that they're charging us with. I suppose get used to it? A successful book is always going to come with its critics. Just a shame they can't pick on someone their own age. OK, back to some LA launch party planning! And I'm still eating lips cookies. Eating lips is a funny concept, right? The red dye comes off a little and keeps freaking me out when I brush my teeth. Yours, Amy G



amyh said:

Oh man. Saskia and I have already decided that come winter break, we're going to have a Heroes day or something, in which we watch all of the first season. Thank you very much for sparking more TV obsessions in us :P

The lips cookies are so good, oh my gosh.

With line breaks I just use <*br> (but without the asterisk) (and I wonder if that will even show up in this comment?). I'm sure there are other ways to do it, but wherever I want a line break, I put that. And if I want a space between paragraphs, not just a break, I use two of them. Works for meeee.

November 19, 2007 6:33 PM

saskiab said:


So just kidding. I had fun! And those cookies were PHENOMENAL.

November 19, 2007 6:34 PM

zulayr said:

cookies?! someone needs to mail me some! that even possible?

November 19, 2007 7:35 PM

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