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February 2008 - Posts

  • gmail adverts are offering me free love cards!!

    SO it has been forever. About, oh, a few weeks ago, I had this huge long post written out, but this site crapped out for, like, three days, and said post (which was largely about girls' schools in Bristol, as in England, and my tumblog, and such things. There were a zillion links, so this is highly upsetting.


    Why am I awake so late? You might ask that, and I might ask the same. :| it's because I've started writing short stories again, and there's this one that's about, oh. Two sentences long so far, and I really want to write more, but my muse has been SLAIN by the horrors that are germs. So I'm wasting time before I go to bed (presumably in the next five minutes or so).


    In the past week I have:

    • Turned eighteen (on Wednesday! Hurrah!)
    • Registered to vote (so excited!!)
    • Gotten quite ill and had to stay at home for essentially two (one and two thirds?) days. Which basically sucks.

    ...yeah, I don't really have that much to say. I'm feeling rather ill, still, because my sister kind of accidentally broke a lot of nail polish bottles and the smell is getting to me. I also feel dirty, because of my illness and the way it compromises my hygine, and tired, because it's, well. Pretty darn late. And headachey and sniffley and stuff, but I am NO LONGER HUNGRY because I made food with my magnificent Quesadilla Maker Of Doom (or, as my friend J likes to call it, my armadillo maker). Hurrah, food!


    Tomorrow (today. UGH) is my party. Pizza and Wakko's Wish for the win!


    To do:

    • Rent Wakko's Wish
    • SLEEP
    • Get at table at the restaurant
    • SLEEP
    • Send J's package (which I've been promising for, like, two months now? Three? Definitely since the RED party, because. One of the things is an autographed copy of RED! A lot of you might remember signing it, or one of the other three. Um.)
    • SLEEP
    • Get healthy. Bonus points for not infecting friends!
    • Write more
    • Do math homework
    • SLEEP
    • Listen to more Bare: a Pop Opera, which is a pretty great musical with pretty great music. (Thanks, Megan, for unknowningly introducing me!)
    • SLEEP

    As you can probably tell, sleep is a little bit important to me. MOM, IF YOU READ THIS BLOG BEFORE WAKING ME UP, LET ME SLEEP IN TILL NOONISH? THANKS.


    And now, to sleep. Carry on, folks! Have a brilliant first-weekend-of-February.