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I think I might possibly be a bit too taken with cycles, and things coming full circle, and chains of events, and. Well. You get the picture.


Here are the current cycles in my life:

Friday night,  my good high school &c friends all came over and we stayed up all night and went to Waffle House at 6am because Dunkin' Donuts wasn't open yet and watched Tommy and played Beyond Balderdash and drank koolaid and quizzed ourselves with old 5th grade BrainQuest booklets (and sometimes even got it right ;) ) and. tons more stuff, not necessarily in that order. Half of my friends (those friends) are leaving for college this week, or staying here but starting college this week (or next week), and it was basically the last time I'll see most of them for four months and :(. But oh well. Fun times were had by all (I think) and there are always, you know, phone calls and emails and text messages and IMs that can be made/sent/what have you, so I'm pretty sure it'll be good. But yeah. The high school cycle of my life has almost cycled out. I'm really glad about this, but it's kind of bittersweet at the same time. 


Okay, that was a really crappy paragraph. But still. This is like a refrain of our trip to Memphis, except this time we didn't all end up falling asleep (me accidentally in the guys' room, in my best friend's bed) way early in the morning, and this time we had the one of us who didn't go to our high school with us, and this time we were having fun instead of fighting. (And also, there was food, which, you know, distinguishing difference right there. Because we all know that I'm all about the food.) 


 My friends, we don't always have the easiest time getting together. I really can't remember the last time (apart from, of course Friday night) that we were all of us in teh same place at the same time, just the eight of us. And I'm really glad that it worked out so well, and not just because the best friend (who is really lame because he totally hasn't called me about it all yet. I HOPE YOU'RE READING THIS, JAMES, BECAUSE I'M MORBIDLY CURIOUS) left Monday and pretty much everyone else is going on Thursday and ldfkjhg I won't be beginning my journey to the Arctic Circle till the 15th of September. Four months, guys, till the high school cycle comes around again. Potentially. I'm pretty sure.


(It's pretty hard to explain why I love them so much, because if anything is true, it's that we can all get a bit prickly at times, but there are reasons and the reasons are many and for some reason the reason that always comes to the forefront of my mind is how much we make fun of each other fdkjhg like for example (the first one that came to mind!) Vincent with Amy's Yamapi obsession. It's kind of that we know each other so well that we know the good ways to make fun of each other (Little Mermaid porn! dkfgh okay maybe that one isn't such a good one...), and. Okay, stopping this train of thought right now because it isn't that coherent and. Stuff.)



Another cycle I'm on is the elementary school cycle! I taught there after school last school year, I worked in the summer school/day camp program this summer (my first real job!) and now I'm volunteering my time doing all the little things that no one else ever wants to do but which have to be done, like separating hundreds of sheets of that connected old printer paper stuff and stuffing folders and envelopes. Luckily, I love it. :) It's so cool, being in the area of the office. My entire time in that school, I was in the elementary area, and, now that I'm near the primary (that section is the one closest to the office) and the office both, I'm getting an entirely different look at how the school works and everything and ;dkfjhg it's so cool. I've also been answering phones and am pretty secure in saying that, after a lot (well. Not a huge lot, but a little lot) of calls, I've almost figured out how to work the phones. ;dskfhg it's more than picking it up and saying "Providence Montessori School, this is Saskia," guys. There are a lot of buttons involved, and it took me three calls to figure out how to both put someone on hold and take them off. It's harder than it sounds, okay. sdkfhg :">


I've also been working with the toddlers! For less than fifteen minutes each day, true, but sldkfhg can you say 'highlight'? lkdsfhg it's a new program, the toddler program, and theyr'e so cute. I want to borrow them all (actually, I've been trying to talk mom and dad into just going ahead and getting me a little brother -- or sister! -- for Christmas or somethin, but they're being really hard to persuade) for a little while and dkfjhg.


Yknow how Jon Stewart has a moment of zen? Yeah, I'm instituting a Moment Of Cute. By which I mean, I'm going to blog about the two cutest moments of my day.

 Moment of Cute #1

 When I was with the toddlers! One of them decided that I was cooler than the playground and took me by the hand and led me around and made me pick him up so that he could pick leaves off the tree and pretend he was climbing it, and wanted me to help him escape from the playground, and who made me sit down so that he could sit in my lap. I'm in love with this little fellow, guys. I want a little brother just like him. I can't even articulate how cute my ten minutes with the toddlers (and him!) were today, but I want to go back and stay in the toddler house and playground forever slkdfjhg.


Okay, maybe not that much. But still.


Moment of Cute #2

There was a parent who was late picking up her preschoolers! (Brother and sister). Sooo I sat with them and played I Spy with them and the girl (who was, incidentally, the older one) spent about ten minutes explaining to me that she could visit her grandmother in the Philippines in the morning and still be at school, you know, in the morning, because they didn't have morning at the same time. dfhg seriously so adorable. She was like four or something and was explaining time zones &c with me in such an earnest manner I like, you know in the Grinch when his heart swells? lkdfjgh mine did that so much today. My little heart, just. Swelling and swelling :)


But anyway. I'm counting being at Providence as a return to my Montessori roots and another step on the cycle of my education in general/my elementary education/my college education. The latter is, of course, because My Chosen College (however Arctic it may be) reminded me so hardcore of Providence (except, yknow, collegiate), it wasn't funny. And since Providence was the best all-around education I got (sure, I learned more stuff as I got older and everything, but I learned best there)... yeah.


Speaking of Kalamazoo! I found out who my roommate is, and she seems really cool. So do a lot of people that I've been chatting to &c. :)



Of course, there are other cycles. Like the menstrual cycle! But I'm not experiencing that (well, in an obvious way, anyway) at the moment and anyway, that's something Not To Blog About, so. I'll drop that now. 


 This entry is kind of failsauce in general and I forgot where I was going with it, plus I have to be up bright&early (waaaaay early. Too early for normal people our age dlkfjgh) for Providence in the morning, so I'm just going to go ahead and post it.



Happy last days of summer/first days of school, everyone! 


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