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June 2008 - Posts

  • Gmail ads would like to remind me that the Wings won the Stanley Cup *\o/* :) :) :)

    So. Hello, it has been awhile! Last time I posted, I was panicking about college. Now, I'm, well. I'm still panicking about college, but in a different way!


    Since my last post, I have done the following:

    • Finished highschool (*\o/*)
    • Didn't take any finals :)
    • Graduated (as Amy's last post sort of illustrates!)
    • Gone to Memphis, TN & Oxford, MS with my English class, which is a long story involving many things including, but not limited to, really freaking fantastic ribs and my falling asleep in the wrong room.
    • A lot of horrid school-y stuff
    • Given up the internet for a full week (shocking, I know).
    • Started writing another story.
    • Got a twitter.
    • Gone to a Summer Movie Classic at the Kentucky theater (seriously why do I even bother with these posts? Amy sums it all up so nicely :) ).
    • Started (and completed) my first job.


    On the job note: this past year -- I'm sure I've mentioned -- I've been carrying out my Senior Mentoring Project (can't remember if I've mentioned this, but it's this thing I had to do for my program) at my old elementary school, teaching after-school creative writing classes, etcetera etcetera. Through this, I got aforementioned job: running their summer school/camp program for elementary-aged students (the school, being Montessori, also has preschool-aged students and a preschool-aged summer school/camp program) in the mornings of first week of its existance. And since I'm on the books, I can officially sub for any future summer school-related things. :)


    First, let it be said that I totally adore seven year olds.  Not all of my kids this week were seven, but it was the average age, and. I digress. Seven is the best age ever, okay? I kind of want to borrow a seven-year-old neighbor and, like, adopt them for the summer (unfortunately, my neighbor closest that age is eight, and. Eight is just too old. :( I'm kidding about that! Except. Sadly, not really) and hang and like, play with Skip-Its every day for half the day and make ice cream and cookies and swing a lot. That would be really cool. I could also teach them! Knitting and weaving and lots of artsy things and SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS and creative writing and slkdfjhg. Perfect world, being able to spend every day with seven-year-olds, just learning. And having fun. Because learning is fun! And basketball because basketball is also awesome, which I seem to have spent the last four years forgetting but which I have finally re-remembered. 

    I digress. Again. Long story short: had four students (if you can call them that) from 8-12:30 a day for the past five days. Instructed them in various artistic and physically educative endeavors, plus some cooking and some really rockin' science-y things (put food coloring drops in milk. Drizzle liquid dishwashing soap in the food coloring. Watch & be amazed!!) with them, with a little help from my sister -- which came in handy these last few days, because I've had a horrific headcold that sort of negates the ability to continue with the participation in the physically educative activities -- and yes. Just yes. 


    Um, to be entirely honest, I took a break in the writing of this to write something else and I completely lost track of what I was really intending on saying! SO UM ANWAY THIS FRIEND I HAVE WHO WAS MY ROOMMATE FOR FIVE WEEKS IS ENGAGED AND SHE PLANS TO GET MARRIED AS SOON AS SHE TURNS EIGHTEEN WHAT THE CRAP.


    Yeah I totally don't remember. I love teaching! Teaching is my calling. Especially second grade, I believe. Teaching creative writing and running a summer school/camp program has helped me understand this. :)


     This time I took a break for sleep and now I really don't know what I was driving at :) my cold, it makes my brain all muddled. Um. I believe I'll just finish this up with a Guilty Confession and then attempt the whole blogging thing again later, properly, at another date idek. 


    Guilty Confession: I have lost and forgotten half of my college email login information :|


    And now, for a gratuitous picture of amazing food that I really want to eat right now.

    kdjghlskdjhfglkdfgh yummmm

    that's all, folks! 


    PS; Amy mentioned her Wizard Rock paper... I did one just like it, except on Baba O'Riley (by the Who). So. If you ever have any questions ever on the song, don't hesitate to ask :|