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gmail is a tricksy thing

November 2009 - Posts

  • gmail did not let me know about this sale.

    A week and a half ago or so, there was an online sale at Office Depot wherein you could order 1000 full-color raised print business cards for under $4.00, including shipping. I jumped at the chance, and today, received them in the mail.

    I've been passing them out all day, to friends and strangers alike (I've gone through about 75 cards today), as well as just leaving them sitting around in random places (taped to an elevator door, by a bathroom mirror, inside a vending machine door, in a computer lab, etc.), and so far it's been a really cool experience! Like for example, I learned that one of the ladies who swipes our meal cards when we go into the caf is celebrating her fifty-second wedding anniversary today.

    Guys, that's a long time.

    It's really curious - a lot of people seem to have a natural skepticism of complete strangers handing out business cards, and there have been several people who outright ignored my attempts to pass them off, which saddens me because they're probably the ones who would appreciate these the most :( But from those who have accepted them, I've received a wide variety of reactions: there was the meal card lady who told me about her anniversary and recounted some of her favorite anniversary memories, there was the other meal card lady who kind of choked out, "that's so beautiful," there was the history department secretary who could not believe that my name was not on them, there was the girl in my hall who shrieked "yay," there was the guy who crumpled it up and put it in his pocket, there was my Jewish Traditions professor who asked me if I'd put anthrax on it..., there was a friend who asked me for a stack of them so she could put them under doors in her dorm, there was the guy who refused initially and then walked back halfway down the street to get it once he saw someone else's reaction to getting them...

    It's also curious how, initially, I almost didn't want to give them to strangers because I was nervous about how they would be received. Now, however, I just wish that I'd ordered another thousand while the sale still applied, because I know I'll want to continue doing this!

    idek, guys, I have just been filled with so many good feelings since I started this this afternoon. I'm so glad that I decided to do this. aaaaaaaaah