• 18 days

     18 days into 2009 and i can safely conclude that, if this year will be anything like the last two weeks, i'm in for one hell of a ride. i think that this time,though,  i'll throw my hands up and lean into the rush. xo
    Posted to zulayr (Weblog) by zulayr on 01-18-2009
  • my lost pic

     I was sorting through my middle school picture album last night and, in a little pocket on the back cover, found a tiny plastic picture bookmark with your 8th grade yearbook photo printed on it. It was so cheesy; you were posing with your arms crossed and your head tilted up with your chest puffed out to try make your 14 year old ...
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  • a change of mental pace

    So, I promised myself I would make a conscious effort to try and blog more because A. there's a bunch of thoughts and ideas and what not's buzzing in my head, and B. i'm tired of writing these thoughts and ideas and what not's on random pieces of paper and napkins and classwork notes. I've been more attuned to my ...
    Posted to zulayr (Weblog) by zulayr on 10-27-2008
  • while i wait for school..

    Man, it only takes half a summer vacation for me to realize how much i miss school and how busy it keeps me. The hustle and bustle of work-to-school is weird thought, but it's true. So while I wait for the fall semester to start, i'm just trying to keep busy.. maybe start a new book? I just finished Flipped and it was the ...
    Posted to zulayr (Weblog) by zulayr on 07-10-2008
  • yup. it's officially summertime.

    Today just reminded me why I barely ever wear jeans around this time. This is what i HATE about living in So.Fla. I mean, the sun is awesome and the water at this time is starting to rise above freezing temps, but its the humidity and the rain that just kills everything. I honestly don't know how tourists can take it; it's always a good ...
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  • bitter memories and painful accomplishments

    So I accompanied my sister to a viewing for her friend's grandmother. Turns out the viewing was in the same room that my friend Jesus had his in. Hm, wasn't so good. Tried to keep my composure but of course, failed miserably. But on a lighter note, I completed level two of the Air Climber!!! Which leads me to wonder why i'm ...
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    YES!! 3 MORE LEVELS TO GO! /faints
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  • HI JONNY! >:o

    I recently got back from a trip with some friends to Orlando..AWESOME! Man, we had SO much fun.  i really needed a trip like that. Just to get away for one weekend and have some fun. We went to Islands of Adventure on Saturday-video coming soon!-  and dinner on Sat. night was HILARIOUS.  We went to Hooters and basically ordered ...
    Posted to zulayr (Weblog) by zulayr on 05-20-2008
  • a whole summer to do anything i want. yaaaaay.

    When is it my turn to have the fun?! And I'm not talking about the "stay up all night and party my ass off" kind of fun; I'm talking more along the lines of the "feel like i'm actually doing something worthwhile with my life" kind of fun. But the good news is that I have a whole summer to figure ...
    Posted to zulayr (Weblog) by zulayr on 05-11-2008
  • my "entertaining" life

    After weeks of obseving my own social patterns, I've concluded that I am a very "uneventful" teenager. "Uneventful", because I refuse to use the word "boring". Ok, you really start to question your social life when your PARENTS are getting ready to go out on a Saturday night, and your mom walks ...
    Posted to zulayr (Weblog) by zulayr on 04-08-2008
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