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  • College. I am a nerd.

    So... it's only been, what? a year since my last post? Blame it on college. Which I started and all. SHA-BAM! But I am going to post more. I promise. I even put a link to RED in my bookmarks toolbar so when I'm bored and have no purpose I'll see it and be like "well, I can post a blog...
    Posted to hannahm (Weblog) by hannahm on 02-13-2010
  • Swim meet scandal

    Yesterday there was a swim meet at our school and Sarah's boyfriend, Colton, is on the team so she always attends the home meets. Sarah was pestering me to come and trying to goad me with "there will be super hot guys with abs wearing speedos," but I really did not want to go, because they...
    Posted to hannahm (Weblog) by hannahm on 02-13-2009
  • I invented writing. Really.

    Texting between Sarah and I; my message is first: "I just started reading Catcher in the Rye and I love how Pencey Prep is the name of the first band Frank Iero was in." "ahaha I bet that is where he got it" "Yes, it is. Which is why I mentioned it." "Naa I mentioned...
    Posted to hannahm (Weblog) by hannahm on 02-09-2009
  • "You should ask her out"

    My Chemical Romance was last Saturday... Go ahead, ask me how it was... FUCKING AMAZING !! I think I used the phrase "sufficiently awesome" a few times after the concert because I was still feeling so overwhelmed with actually seeing them. Sarah and I made our own t-shirts because we didn't...
    Posted to hannahm (Weblog) by hannahm on 04-25-2008
  • RED Reading today!

    So, today is the Red reading in Birmingham! Im really excited, I already picked out what I am going to wear. It is kind of sporty, a black t-shirt with brown cargo-ish pants. Hopefully you guys wont think im crazy (but I am, so shh!) Sarah and I practiced reading to each other today. Sarah did really...
    Posted to hannahm (Weblog) by hannahm on 02-01-2008
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