"You should ask her out"

My Chemical Romance was last Saturday... Go ahead, ask me how it was...


FUCKING AMAZING !! I think I used the phrase "sufficiently awesome" a few times after the concert because I was still feeling so overwhelmed with actually seeing them.


Sarah and I made our own t-shirts because we didn't want to just buy some and look like everyone else. We only had about an hour and a half to make them because the sewing machine broke at the start but then our mother fixed it and used her 'super-sewing' powers to make them look really, really good.


Our good friend Jon came too! Standing in line before they opened the doors we saw a stop sign on the corner that had the word "Kwame" under it so the sign read "Stop Kwame" omigosh it was so funny. I got a picture of it but im at school typing this so I'll try and post it later. When we were just about to go in they inform us that we can't bring cameras (thanks for telling us now, right?) so Jon quickly ran them back to the car so I have no pictures of them actually playing, sorry.


We went up to the balcony and found pretty much the best seats you could imagine. Almost dead-center, a little to the right, 2nd row from the front. Jon thought these seats were much better than floor seats because you have to stand the whole time (which pretty much did anyways when MCR came on), it gets hot and sticky, and you brave injury from moshers - and all that for a higher price than what our seats cost! I appologised to Jon a few times beacause these girls that sat right behind us would blow our eardrums out with their screaming every 5 seconds.


The opener was a band called Drive By - they weren't bad, I liked the music in the beginning of some of their songs but then I couldnt really understand the lyrics. It was funny whenever they said, "MCR is here", the whole place would go crazy - it was almost like a pick-up line. The second band was Billy Talent! I wished they had played "River Below" but otherwise they were good. After the concert one of their songs played on the radio while we were driving home.


And then My Chemical Romance came on! (Que screaming girls, of which I was one of them, of course). Jon and I did some serious headbanging the whole time. It was so awesome. Sarah, while she really likes MCR, isnt as much of a fan as I am. She only knows the words to about 5 of their songs. She told me that if she knew the words to more of them she probably would have had a better time. She got a headache about halfway through. :(


After the concert was over we went over to a table where Drive By was selling their cd for $5 and Jon bought one and had them all sign it. At about 12 am we arrived back in dearborn and had a super late dinner/early morning breakfast at Mexican Fiesta! Lol. Good times. :D




In other news, im getting kind of tired of when Sarah 'uses' our twin status to get attention. She has been doing it quite often lately and frankly I don't even know why she does it because after we leave she proceeds to complain about how all these guys won't leave her alone and all she wants is to be with Colton (who she never shows off for). She usually pretends to kiss me on the lips but uses her thumb so its like a really obvious-but stupid-looking stage kiss. I think she has done it twice this week actually. And then she would always come up and hang over me and really, its too attract attention, not necessarily because she wants to. 


I have to go to my next class, but when I get home I will elaborate a little more on the subject...seeya. 

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