I invented writing. Really.

Texting between Sarah and I; my message is first:


"I just started reading Catcher in the Rye and I love how Pencey Prep is the name of the first band Frank Iero was in." 

"ahaha I bet that is where he got it"

"Yes, it is. Which is why I mentioned it."

"Naa I mentioned it. My idea."

"I looked it up on the www before I even texted you"

"I wrote Catcher in the Rye. I know"

"I invented writing."

"I created the universe"

"Ya know that whole 'big bang' theory? Well you see, it all started when I sneezed."

"Yea but who wur daddy? I yur daddy."

"Bitch, I yur daddys daddy"

"Well its my hat, I am #1"

"Everything tastes better with rabies"


We're so funny. :P


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