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  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    Hey everybody :) We all really have a lot to be thankful for this year, don't we? This amazing book that just recently came out and all. So amazing. Now, I don't usually watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade — it's so cheesy, and even though I do love cheese, three hours of it? C'mon...
    Posted to amylicious! (Weblog) by amyh on 11-22-2007
  • my first time?

    i'm confused about the concept of blogging. it's my first time. it's one thing to write a story once, about one particular moment in time, and have someone read it; an entirely different one is writing everyday and letting people know exactly what's happening and how you're feeling...
    Posted to olivep (Weblog) by olivep on 11-18-2007
  • Oh, Whompy!

    Oh man. I love wizard rock. SO MUCH. Tonight, the Whomping Willows came to town. First off, Michelle and I began writing our first song about summer reading: it's about Asher Lev. The show was amazing. I love his songs so much. We discovered a way to one of the balconies. We were on top of the city...
    Posted to amylicious! (Weblog) by amyh on 11-13-2007
  • Book rock!

    So I'm kind of a wizard rock fangirl. To the extreme. I've seen Harry and the Potters five times — within two years — as well as Draco and the Malfoys twice, and on Tuesday I'm going to see the Whomping Willows. Yessir, I am kind of in love with wizard rock. But not only the going-to-shows...
    Posted to amylicious! (Weblog) by amyh on 11-10-2007
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