Maybe I'm a little too obsessive.

Oh, Whompy!

Oh man. I love wizard rock. SO MUCH.

Tonight, the Whomping Willows came to town.

First off, Michelle and I began writing our first song about summer reading: it's about Asher Lev.

The show was amazing. I love his songs so much.

We discovered a way to one of the balconies. We were on top of the city, you guys. We were on the top floor of the apartments by the library. It. Was. Amazing.

Matt (the Whomping Willow) came out onto the balcony to smoke, and he chatted with us a little bit. He told us to talk to some of the people inside because they could get us shows here in town. Whoa whoa whoa!

Well, we did. And Michelle and I have a show. For February 8th. AT THE LIBRARY. WE ARE PLAYING A LIBRARY SHOW.

I said to them how I had always wanted to go to a library show, BUT TO BE IN ONE?! They thought that was hilarious.

Matt and the bands guy for the library, they said that they recognized me. Haha. I guess I'm kind of the city's WROCK girl.

Oh man. I love how wizard rock brings out the absolute nerd in me. I love how much I love it.

Writing about it for my college essay WAS AN AMAZING IDEA. Best I've ever had.


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