Maybe I'm a little too obsessive.

Book rock!

So I'm kind of a wizard rock fangirl. To the extreme. I've seen Harry and the Potters five times — within two years — as well as Draco and the Malfoys twice, and on Tuesday I'm going to see the Whomping Willows. Yessir, I am kind of in love with wizard rock.

But not only the going-to-shows aspect of it.

Let's start... here: I'm an editor of my school's literary magazine. We had a meeting yesterday to discuss Undergrounds, our upcoming annual concert/fundraiser. We made some flyers, listened to some demos — and hey. Guess what?

I'm totally playing at Undergrounds.

This is nuts, actually. Last year, when Michelle brought up the idea, I was like, "UMM. MAYBE... NOT." And this year? I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED!

Michelle and I, see, we write songs about books. Rewind to our sophomore year: we both wanted to think of an exciting way to study for AP World History, since the book was totally lame and the class kind of a borefest. We though, "Hey! Let's write songs!" After writing one about Hammurabi's code, we didn't get much farther, but we did get together a few times to study and listen to music. This is when I introduced her to Harry and the Potters.
Yes, she was in love. Just as much as I was. When we discovered there were more wizard rock bands than just Harry and the Potters, we decided to skip AP World History: we had to start a wizard rock band.

Cue The Wands. We wrote a few songs, but recorded even fewer. It was hard to get together and have enough time to write and record and everything. It's a blast, writing about Harry Potter, but really difficult when we have all sorts of other school assignments and such to attend to..

In the spring of that year, we had to read Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Julius Caesar in our english class, and then do a project of some sort on it. We decided that, after going to see Harry and the Potters in Louisville (my third show, haha), we wanted to write and record songs about the play. We recorded about eight or nine songs and made up a CD called "I Wish I Had A Salad Named After Me!" It was a blast. And so we became The Literatures.

The next year, in our junior year, we wrote some songs about the books we had read over the summer: East of Eden, The Scarlet Letter, A Streetcar Named Desire, and Fast Food Nation. We told our english teacher about it, burned him a copy of our CD (man oh man, I love those songs so much), and then we sang a few of them for my class. Holy crap. I was so nervous, so afraid, but when it was over, I realized how much I loved it. In the hallway during lunch, I ran into my english teacher and he said he was so surprised at how, in class I'm so quiet and afraid of speaking out, but when I starting singing it was like I was bursting out! And it's true: when I'm singing those silly songs with Michelle, something inside of me is just too happy to be afraid.

So we're playing at Undergrounds. It's going to be a blast. I'm kind of nervous. But even more excited.

Man oh man. I love Book Rock.


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