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  • I'm a college girl now. What?

    I write to you now from the beautiful Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. I'm about nine to ten hours from home, where I grew up, where I've lived my whole ilfe, where most of my friends remain. Is it hard? Oh yeah, it's hard. And I've only been here two days! After my parents left on Friday, I...
    Posted to amylicious! (Weblog) by amyh on 08-24-2008
  • Somebody give me something interesting to write about, plzkthx.

    1) So I just watched the most cracked-out episode of Ugly Betty ever. Toxic perfume made Betty nutso! But oh my god, you guys, even though I am totally in love with Henry, I am feeling for Gio. He likes Betty so much! Oh man. Oh man. Am I a bad Betty/Henry shipper? Maybe. But ever since Henry and Betty...
    Posted to amylicious! (Weblog) by amyh on 01-17-2008
  • Oh my god, oh my god you guys!

    Yes, that would be me cueing the Legally Blonde soundtrack. (I almost typed Legally Cloned. Wtf?) Why, you ask? I just finished the first draft of my novel. Holyyyy freaking crap. This is so amazing. I would elaborate, but I have a lab report to write up for Chemistry. Oh lordy.
    Posted to amylicious! (Weblog) by amyh on 12-13-2007
  • NYC + Ugly Betty + General Insanity

    I should be writing, and I should be doing school work, and I should definitely be finishing work on my college apps. But instead, all I can think about is RED RED RED YAY. Yesterday, during the SAT, I kept finishing every section early (I guess that's what happens when you get so used to taking...
    Posted to amylicious! (Weblog) by amyh on 11-04-2007
  • More things that I love right now.

    • Laney and Mr. Turner — the two main characters in my novel. No matter how stuck I get with writing, when I just read through a scene with the two of them, something inside of me flutters a little. • The Red Sox. Sure, they were three games down to the Indians. But, uh, 2004? Three games down to the...
    Posted to amylicious! (Weblog) by amyh on 10-20-2007
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