Maybe I'm a little too obsessive.

NYC + Ugly Betty + General Insanity

I should be writing, and I should be doing school work, and I should definitely be finishing work on my college apps.

But instead, all I can think about is RED RED RED YAY.

Yesterday, during the SAT, I kept finishing every section early (I guess that's what happens when you get so used to taking these dumb tests), and so I would gaze off and begin thinking about all things RED and writing — NYC! This site! Released on Thursday! Holy crap!! When the proctor would tell us our time left, or when the timer went off, I would snap out of my daydreaming and actually be surprised that I was in a classroom taking a test, instead of at home freaking out about RED.

The closer it gets, the more insane I think I'm becoming.

I mean. New York City.

This is going to be amazing.

Saskia and I are traveling up together the morning of the party, going to basically have a blast, see two shows (one Broadway, one off-Broadway), go to a museum or two, eat at some fantabulous places, and attempt to stalk the cast of Gossip Girl (this last one is going to be a little bit difficult).

(I would adore stalking the cast of Ugly Betty as well, but they don't film in NYC, they're just set in NYC. Sigh. Oh, Henry. I'll find you someday! I just rewatched the last two episodes of Ugly Betty last night and man. My heart melts whenever Henry comes on screen. He's just so... perfect! You know I'm going crazy when I'm upset that, because of the release party, I'm going to be missing an episode! I need my weekly Henry fix! And I've been like, "Maybe Amy G has DVR or TiVo or something... or maybe I can be guaranteed 45 minutes of computer time on Friday or Saturday so that I can watch it online...." God. I'm so crazy. FOR HENRY.)

But anyway. Saskia and I are taking much of Tuesday to do some shopping. I have to work a bake sale at school for a while (we're selling to the hungry voters, raising money for orchestra's Disney World trip, hee!), but then we're gonna shop shop shop till we drop! And then pick ourselves back up and go teach little kids at Saskia's middle school. I'm the guest speaker, talking about songwriting, haha. Oh man. I'm so bad with little kids, though. It's kind of scaring the crap out of me.

But anyway again. (Man, I've forgotten where this entry is going.) I'm superstoked for the release party, regardless of the fact that it interferes with my Henry time. Not only is it going to be a grand ol' time, but Saskia and I are reading! And it scares the bejeesus out of me, the idea of reading in front of all those people, but at the same time: how can I pass this up? Why would I give up such an amazing opportunity?!

The next day, I think Saskia and I are going to head to a museum, eat at fun places perhaps. I need to find a record store in NYC that sells Serge Gainsbourg records. It is imperative that I own one! (Plus, if I get one, maybe my english teacher will play some Serge for the class. How amazing would that be?!) (This reminds me that I need to scan in that page from Vanity Fair. I keep putting that off.)

You know what? I need to go. I need to get dressed, do homework, do college application crap. I need to remember that I have school before November 8th, I have school before November 15th, and I have school forever afterwards.

But can I really help it if this RED thing is taking over my life? Of course not! It's finally hitting me. Now. It didn't hit me quite so hard even when I got the book. But the release date comes nearer, Saskia says one of our classmates is going to buy it, and I need to get another copy and get it signed for my nana.

This is crazy. But it's amazing, too.

Oh. I did have a question related to this website. Haha. The release is getting so close, as I keep saying, and maybe I'm just being super impatient, but I'm wondering when the layout is supposed to be up? I'm so curious about what the finished product will be! It's exciting me like whoa.
Oh! Oh! Just thought of this: if possible, perhaps threaded comments on blog posts and such? Like on LiveJournal? That would make me quite happy.


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