Maybe I'm a little too obsessive.

Somebody give me something interesting to write about, plzkthx.

1) So I just watched the most cracked-out episode of Ugly Betty ever. Toxic perfume made Betty nutso! But oh my god, you guys, even though I am totally in love with Henry, I am feeling for Gio. He likes Betty so much! Oh man. Oh man. Am I a bad Betty/Henry shipper? Maybe. But ever since Henry and Betty finally got together, it's like Gio is in the show more than Henry is! What the hell! Sigh.

2) I know, I know. I've been lax on my posting lately. What can I say? Pretty much nothing has been going on. I got into two more colleges — Centre and UK — and I've made more progress in Crime and Punishment — which I adore at the moment. I need to get into major revision mode with my novel and I need to write more Wands songs with Michelle (two shows! February and March!). But right now, at this moment, I actually need to be doing Psychology preview questions. Ah well. That can wait a few more minutes.

3) Even though the writers' strike totally and completely sucks, I'm actually kind of happy that all of my shows are ending around this time. Why? Because when Urinetown rehearsals start up, I might not be able to see some of the shows when they come on at their usual time! And I really don't like watching episodes online. I have no problem putting up with the commercials on TV, I swear. I think that there are one or two more Ugly Betty episodes left, and two (I think?) more of Chuck. Oh man. I never ever thought I'd become one of these people — people who actually tune into a TV show every week! — but it kind of makes me happy, knowing I have these shows to look forward to. It's fun! (And I love commenting about Ugly Betty to Saskia over gchat or MSN or whatever client we happen to be using, because she has no idea what I'm talking about.)

4) Speaking of TV shows, I added Chace Crawford (from Gossip Girl) on Myspace so that I could look at his pictures (HE IS TOTAL EYE CANDY, OKAY? OKAY.) and oh my lawd. I could stare at that face all day! Now I'm wishing Gossip Girl was still going... need more Chace... okay, stop Amy, stop!

5) Maybe soon I'll have something interesting to write about. But until then, um. Hey! I know! You guys give me ideas! What should I write/rant/whatever about? :P Because when you leave me to my own ideas, it obviously isn't pretty.


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