Maybe I'm a little too obsessive.

More things that I love right now.

• Laney and Mr. Turner — the two main characters in my novel. No matter how stuck I get with writing, when I just read through a scene with the two of them, something inside of me flutters a little.

• The Red Sox. Sure, they were three games down to the Indians. But, uh, 2004? Three games down to the Yankees? AND THEY TOTALLY KICKED ASS? 'Nuff said.

• Kenyon. After visiting yesterday, I discovered my love for it. My true, undying love. Funny: I never wanted to go to school in Ohio, never, but driving around to and from Kenyon, walking around campus, I completely forgot I was in Ohio. It. Was. Amazing.

• Stephen Colbert. I just finished reading his book I Am America (And So Can You!). Um, freaking genius. (Is he really running for president?! 'Cause I'd vote for him. I would. Sorry John Edwards. But this is STEPHEN COLBERT. Ahem.)

• Meeting authors. This month (well, late September and into this month) I've met... uh. Mark Z. Danielewski (Only Revolutions is AMAZING, but I've yet to read House Of Leaves). Scott Westerfeld (I haven't read any of his books yet — am about to start Uglies, though — but he's friends with John Green, so he's been on Brotherhood 2.0. Nerdfighters are kind of the best ever). Poets Jessica Care More, Naomi Shihab Nye and Nathalie Handal (after going to each of their readings, I was overwhelmed with this need to write a few things of poetry that helped me get to know Laney a little more). Anthony Rapp (RENT GOD, but he wrote a book, too!). Yeah, this month kind of rocks. A lot. I'm so stoked for the RED Release Party — and I'm so curious, because I'm dying to know if any favorite writers of mine will be there :B haha. (This reminds me, I've gotta e-mail John Green and beg him to come to my school! Pretty pleaseeee?)

• Purchasing tickets! Money-eaters, but do you know how exciting it is to receive your Spring Awakening and Altar Boyz tickets in your inbox? VERY exciting is the answer.

• Brotherhood 2.0! Nerdfighters rock.


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