Thoughts on a crisis

I have watched way too many TV shows to be considered healthy, but I have found something amazing in Degrassi(it goes there).  Degrassi is unique: it disgusts AND interests me, like watching someone fall off a cliff.  You can't bear to watch it because it's the single most horrible thing you've ever experienced, but your animal instinct forces you to stand there, losing oxygen from lack of breathing, and see the person fall to their death.  Or at least fall to their spinal fracture.  In any case, every time I start watching Degrassi, I find that I am instantly transported to a world where testicular cancer, date rape, counceling, pregnancy scares, panic attacks and shootings can all coexist happily within the walls of a few episodes.  Gay boys see their boyfriends go off to Switzerland to pursue mysterious hockey careers, good religious girls go crazy with a few drinks and immediatly end up suicidal and full of remorse, and that one kid in a wheel chair gets deep with his feelings (again).  It's basically the best thing ever. 



hayleyh said:


November 22, 2007 6:35 PM