Chaos in suburbia

I am finally going to move out of this horrible neighborhood I've lived in for a year.  It's not horrible in the high-crime, dead-babies-in-dumpsters way, but it's possibly almost as bad.  Like all the houses look the same.  And this is no illusion.  All the houses on my street are based on the same house plan.  The colors vary from "grey" to "darker grey".  One home has a bit of red, which personally impressed me very much, because here I was thinking no one had souls in this place.  The only reason we moved here in the first place was because a) it had enough bedrooms (we need four) b) there's a built-in pool and hot tub in what should be our backyard.(But if you walk out there about 20 other houses have a view of you, so doing ANYTHING there's the chance that 40 beady eyes will be watching.  Also there is no grass, only cement and bark chips.  Which completely defeats the purpose of a backyard, but whatever.  The pool did come in handy last summer, and by handy I mean it got yummy boys into swim trunks.)  and c) they let us rent it AND have all our pets move in.  That's about it.  Why do we become so foolishly daft about house matters?  I mean, maybe we don't want to live next door to someone who has exactly the same house as us. 




jordynt said:

Oh, so you live in one of those Stepford Wives neighborhoods too? Solidarity in sameness! (I swear, my neighborhood is the quietest neighborhood IN THE WORLD. I feel loud when I talk above a whisper.)

November 28, 2007 9:00 PM