Of course i wrote my essay about boys. (Boy One!) But since i wrote that piece, i feel like a lot has changed. 

This school year, a boy i didnt even know until homecoming proved to me that he indeed had a crush on me. At the dance, he would come up to me and walk away about ten times. Around school, i'd catch him gazing off in my direction. i was and still am surprized that he would actually be interested in me. He's a defender for the undefeated football team at my school so i took the oppurtunity to see if he truly did like me by interviewing him and three other players for the newscast i am starting. He was so nervous the whole time but actually talked to me. So for me, i felt like i finally found a good guy. I didnt even think it was possible though. It's kinda funny how he has all his friends going out of their way to talk to me and they give me these looks like they know something i'm not supposed to find out unless he was ready to tell me himself. For the newscast, i've had to be on the field to make sure i ask appropriate questions and get my facts straight. Once he noticed i was there, he'd try harder, come get water even when he wasnt thirsty, and stay near me but not once talked to me.... i make him nervous i guess. It's definately hard to explain what i truly see everyday with him at school but like i said before, he seems to be a really nice guy who wants more from me in a relationship than what most guys want not saying he doesnt but if that was the only thing he wanted, we'd be talking already.

 so we'll have to wait and see what happens because you never know!


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