first guy might become new guy

I've learned that throughout the experiences in high school that we run away from, tend to be the experiences that follow us throughout our lives. The guy we try to escape from, who has been an idolized figure in our heads for years, suddenly disappears into the wind as a new guy finally comes along. Just as the idea of the new guy settles into our brain, those two guys connect. Those two guys become friends all of a sudden out of blue. Why now? What does one of them know that the other doesn't or even what i don't know? i feel so trapped in the idea that these two guys are up to something.

You know, the first guy, i alway thought that him and i were gonna end up dating or eventually get married later on in life. But as i learned that this new guy likes me, i realised he wasn't what i made him up to be. But now he seems to be trying to make things better and honestly, i don't think i can handle that. I don't think i can handle having that guy become involved in my life again because he just brought out the bad side of me. He brought out my anger as i realised i never had a real chance with him. I just wonder now, if the new guy is just like the first guy....



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