Too good to be true?

its truly amazing how at a good moment in time everything seems to go well until once misinterpreation sets u back a step. everything you thought was possble becomes invisible and you begin to wonder if it was ever yours to begin with. does that boy really like me or am i making it up even when all the signs are visible by people all around you?i guess im just one of those people who soley waits for something magical to happen like someone to sweep me off my feet and make me realise that i'm fine the way i am. I'm also one of those people who thinks so highly of themelves like how i want my future to turn out like as well as how i plan to live in the moment. but what realy gets to me is that often people, boys imparticular, arent completely upfront with their feelings well obviously but they arent consistant. they try and try to see if ur attracted to them or even know they exist and once they do they try to make it more noticeable but once they get the oppurtunity to make something happen, then close up and run away. why does that constantly happen to me?  what have i done to make the boys run away? why cant  be appreciated for the way i am and not for my body? why cant i finally get a boyfriend when other girls at school have had so many? maybe i'm just one of those people with too high of expectations to realise anything or maybe i'm just waiting for something too good to be true to occur... if it ever will.



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