seeing guys cry

I have never really seen one of my guy friends or a guy who likes me for that matter, cry. At the football game, he tried the hardest out of his fellow players as everyone was getting too tired to keep up with how far we have gotten in the championship games this year. When we lost and the team had their talk, all you could do was turn around look at me and cry. Never have seen a guy other than my brothers cry. I will never get that image out of my head as long as i live. It was truly powerful enough to make me even cry. There isn't a problem with crying nor do i care but for me seeing a guy equal to me clam up with tears, i fight the urge to run up to you and make you cry even more. I don't cry much myself but it just tells you that sometimes, we all need a good cry even under the worst of circumstances. But when you see a guy truly cry as i have, you will realize that they are in contact with their emotions.... that's how you know a guy is committed to an actual relationship than anything else.



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