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not much, really

Correction: I tried to change my avatar so it's a picture of myself. But for some reason it won't change. Oh well.


I really need a job. Why? One word: books. I made a list, while I was in New York, of a whole bunch of them that I want to buy. THE LIST HAS FIFTY TWO BOOKS ON IT!! And you know what you need to buy things? Money. Know what I don't have? Money.

So yeah. I need to get a job. Soon, hopefully.


Okay. Now I have to upload my mom's New York pictures (she used the camera; I wouldn't because it is a piece of junk) onto the computer.

Published Nov 20 2007, 05:56 PM by jordynt
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jocelynp said:

I'm a total book addict, too :-) You know where you should have gone in New York? I would have told you about it but I didn't find it until Sunday. This awesome bookstore called The Strand. Awesome even for those of us lacking cash, because it's used books and also new books at a major discount (like eight dollars avg for hardcovers, three or four for paperback, brand new books!). I bought twelve books, would have bought more except for the hassle getting them home. My mother was so mad at me, getting more books when I already have tons lol.

November 21, 2007 6:26 PM


Oct. 15 [going to work soon] [two school essays due; majorly nervous about both] [remember when i wrote that short story where the girl said "majorly" every other WORD practically? ha]