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    Apparently I can't format on a Safari browser... does anyone know how I might be able to? It's really awful that my posts end up all squished up like that; I know it's hard to read that way. OTHER RED GIRLS: HELP?
  • fam day '09 (((anyone know how to do formatting???)))

    Oh dear friendlies. Today was Family Day. Umm, some back story? (warning: impending info dump) Every year around my parents' anniversary (Feb. 10th for those in the know) the way we celebrate it is a family tradition unoriginally called "Family Day." Gifts are exchanged, recently there's been cake, and we spend the day doing something fun and family-ish. Sea World was a few years back. We used to go up to the "high country" or just do a board game day when we lived in Arizona. This year, what with our new house and all, it was Ikea. (Note: my sister is currently putting her desk together.) YES, FRIENDLIES, WE CELEBRATED MY PARENTS' 26TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY WITH A TRIP TO IKEA. So that was fun. I got a cute ugly monster poster THAT I LOVE. My sister (helpfully) said it looks like it should be a little boy's room. Umm, thanks. Anyway. What I really want to talk about are the gifts because I'm sure I'll share with you a picture of my room when I get it finished (I also got a book case! woo!). Let's talk about THE PREZZIE. The one me and the Lovely spent all that time working on and that we were SO SO SO excited about. I guess I can unveil it now, now that my parents have opened it. It was a book from Blurb - a history of our family from the time Mom and Dad got married. Pages of me and Taylor and our parents and cousins and grandparents - important events, stories, etc. Even a recipe. It was quite something. It made my mom cry. My dad said it surprised him - apparently he'd been gearing up for something really stupid. He said he thought it was going to be a magnet-holder or something. I DON'T EVEN KNOW IF THERE IS SUCH A THING AS A MAGNET-HOLDER. So there was that funness. It was proclaimed the "best Family Day present ever." And then there was THE SURPRISE. OH. MY. GOSH. Months ago (months and months and months ago), my sister told me she had a "surprise" for me. She kept telling me this, mentioning it every couple weeks and never giving me any hints to when I would get it or what it was. Naturally, I got annoyed. You would too if someone kept telling you they had a surprise for you BUT YOU NEVER GOT IT. I decided there was no surprise. She was just talking. Then tonight, after all the prezzies had been opened and we'd had cake (YUM cake), her eyes suddenly lit up and she said, "OH MY GOSH I HAD NOTHER PRESENT FOR YOU! Remember the surprise I was going to give you??" And thus began a duck hunt (is that a phrase? it should be) of her looking for this surprise in the few yet-to-be-unpacked boxes from the move. It was a manilla envelope. I opened it up. It was a bunch of pages of notebook paper, bound together in page protectors, with her handwriting on them. "Letters," she said. "I wrote you a letter every day for the first term of freshman year." OHMYGOSH. Best. Gift. EVER. Seriously. Don't I have the greatest sister in the world? Aren't you jealous? BE JEALOUS.
  • best of fifty (my 365)

    I know I've posted pictures on here before. ...I just can't remember how I did it. So, if you want to read my post about my Flickr 365 project, you'll have to click on over to my wordpress site... ( Sorry bout that. :( OH ALSO: THINGS I LOVE: -hershey's hugs -demetri martin's 'important things' show -being awake at 2 in the morning because i snoozed endlessly after work
  • weird microwavey thing

     Okay, so Amy asked me to cross-post my blog posts that I do because I haven't been writing them here lately.


    Last night. Last post.

    We all have our weird things, right?

    Like some people don’t like garbage bags and some can’t stand wooden spoons.


    Well, okay, so. You know how when you put something in the microwave it gets hot? Then when it’s done being fried with radiation or whatever it is that happens, the microwave BEEPS?

    Yes. Well.


    Sometimes I stand by the microwave, waiting for whatever’s in it to be done so I can open the door BEFORE IT BEEPS. If someone else in the house uses the microwave I yell at them as soon as it beeps to TAKE IT OUT TAKE IT OUT MAKE IT STOP!!!

    You see, I have Beeping Microwave Sonar.

    The microwave is downstairs in the kitchen and my room is upstairs, on the opposite side of the house, yet I can always hear the microwave when it beeps. Kitchen, living room, bedroom - wherever I am. I hear it. And something inside me gets incredibly annoyed and I feel like if it doesn’t stop I might break out in hives.

    I’ve never actually had hives. But I imagine they feel like how hearing the microwave beep sounds. IE. they make you want to explode in pain and/or frustration. If the beeping doesn’t STOP, and QUICKLY, I start to go swiftly insane.

    I do things like yell at whoever is closer to the microwave than me/whoever is using the microwave/whoever is around. And block my ears/go “lalalalalala” to block out the noise. And grit my teeth in anger.

    So yeah. I’m weird about the microwave beeping.

    But that’s not the only microwave-related thing that turns me into a nervous wreck.

    The other thing is when people stop the microwave before it’s done going and then they don’t hit the clear button and the time left is still there instead of, um, the actual time.

    This makes me a nutter.

    I freak out for a moment, saying things like, “AM I THE ONLY ONE THIS DRIVES CRAZY???” (apparently I am). I hurry over and hit the clear button, then I FIND whoever used the microwave last and give them a stern talking-to.

    They tell me I have problems.

    Maybe they’re right. I have microwave-related problems.



Oct. 15 [going to work soon] [two school essays due; majorly nervous about both] [remember when i wrote that short story where the girl said "majorly" every other WORD practically? ha]