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the DON'T READ THIS book list and my first dorky pride reference

     Hi, my name is Jordyn and I'll be participating in DORKY PRIDE WEEK (thank you Saskia, for this wonderful idea). And seveteen quadrillion points if you get this reference without looking it up. (Respect the Honor System, people.)


     "Not the Craw... the Craw!"


     And now, for a list of books I do not recommend, with my deepest apologies to people who like these books.

  1. BLOOM by Elizabeth Scott. (Sorry, I just can't get behind this girl cheating on her boyfriend, no matter what her "reasons" are.)
  2. GOSSIP GIRL, the whole series. (You know how in AN ABUNDANCE OF KATHERINES, Colin says that a Venn diagram of interesting people vs. people who read Celebrity Living would have no overlapping-ness? Well, that's pretty much how I feel about the GOSSIP GIRL books. Except that I have to admit it's not true, because lately Meggo's fell in love with the books. But still. It's a good idea.)
  3. THE HOBBIT by That Tolkien Guy. (We had to read this in eighth grade honors English. My goodness it was boring. Play-doh* liked it, but that's to be expected.)
  4. 1776 by Somebody Who Writes Books. (Despite my mother's claims that it is a VERY GOOD book, I refuse to read it.)
  5. GOOD GIRLS by Someone Else I Don't Know. (Oh-my-gosh. I can't believe I read even the first chapter of this book. I read a bunch of reviews and I'm sure it did say some good things about our society and blah-blah-blah, but whatever. It was just too graphic.)
  6. ANYTHING BY MEG CABOT!!!! THIS IS THE BIG ONE!!! (The exception to this rule is TEEN IDOL, and only by a very, very, very small margin. Am I the only one who thinks all of her stories/characters/plots are exactly the same? All the main characters are completely shallow, and every single book has to do with popularity. Ugh. Ick.)


     Again, my apologies if, you know, you liked one or more of the above books. Just giving my unsolicited opinions.


     *Oh, and you're probably wondering who Play-doh is, right? He was this guy in my school in Arizona. And, no, PLAY-DOH is not his real name. I'm not really using real names.



amyh said:

Oh man. I love the Gossip Girl series so much. Mostly because I ADORE hating all of the characters. If I ever need to feel better about myself, I read those books. They are just so screwed up, haha.

I've noticed that with Meg Cabot's books, the first chapter of the first book of every series I swear has the SAME TIDBIT about how the character really isn't that bad looking but just never has had a boyfriend but omg wants one and — it's. just. annoying.

November 25, 2007 12:00 PM

hayleyh said:


November 25, 2007 6:48 PM

jasmines said:

I basically agree with everything Amy said.  Meg Cabot books make me SO ANGRY with the passive-aggressive teen-agnst-ridden main character who manages to lack confidence and yet "stand up for herself and her friends" and have way too many sensitivites.  Hmmm.

November 26, 2007 2:14 PM

jocelynp said:

I like one or more of the following :-) Bloom, Good Girls, and a couple (though definitely not all) Meg Cabot books :-) None are anywhere close to my favorite books in the world, though. But I'll read just about anything, and I do enjoy most of it.

November 28, 2007 5:59 PM


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