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the REAL FRIENDS edition

     A blog in parts.

     Part one: TWO-WAY STREET

     Part two: today

     Part three: LA

     Part four: the REAL FRIENDS edition

     Part five: Dorky Pride Week


     TWO-WAY STREET is this book I bought that I am very excited about reading. So, as a punishment/reward/incentive for myself, I'm not reading it until I finish my novel. I'm up to 37k and counting. And no, this is NOT for nanowrimo.


     Today was good. Really good.

     The happiness factor of today came from many reasons. But one of the bigger ones was that-- Wait. That's not going to make any sense. It's a long story and would take immense back story. Going back to this girl I knew in sixth grade, seriously, that much back story. So I just won't even bother. Only know that I am happy, and that is a good thing.


     Yes! I am going to the LA party! Who else is? (Sam, are you?) Also, my friend and her mom might come with, so that's exciting. My California friend, that is. If they don't end up coming, it'll just be me, Mom, and my sister. But yay!


     And now for the REAL FRIENDS edition of my blog.

     I've been thinking a lot about relationships lately. Which, I know makes it sound like I've been thinking a lot about coupley relationships lately, but in reality I've been thinking about all sorts of relationships. Mostly friends though. And I've been thinking about the friends, the real true honest best friends you have, and what makes them that way and how you think of them. Specifically I've been thinking of their flaws. My best friends have a myriad of flaws; crazy, judgemental, stubborn, annoying, slightly superficial, just plain irritating at times, etc. They are not perfect people. And I was thinking about that, asking myself, Self, why are you friends with people who can be so judgemental and stubborn and irritating? And I'm still not entirely sure why, I just know that all the good stuff about them, their kindness, loyalty, humor, and compassion outweigh all of that. I mean, okay, complete honesty? Sometimes my friend's imperfections are all I can notice about them. They're being annoying or bratty or stubborn or whatever and I ask myself, Self, why am I friends with that person? And then I remember: it's because of their awesomeness. Because they listen to my crazy ramblings or they make me laugh when everything else in life is crazy or they give me a hug at just the right time, or they're just always there for me, or they're willing to hang out when no one else is.

     The reality is that everyone does things that bug other people and all of us have issues. I'm not perfect and my friends aren't perfect either. And I think accepting those flaws, those glaring imperfections, is a big part of what makes the really great friendships so great. When you don't ignore the fact that this person is the way they are, when you get mad at them and fight but you know no matter what happens, you'll still be friends because you care about them that much and the foundation of that friendship is just that strong. A real friendship is when you know who someone is (maybe not through-and-through because it takes some serious time and effort to know someone that well) and you can accept them, flaws and all, because the good stuff so outweigh the bad.

      And I know I said it wasn't about coupley relationships, but I think all that stuff I just said, about flaws and acceptance and all that, can also be applied to those sort of relationships. I have more thoughts about it but right now they're all just up in my head, refusing to come out. Sorries!


     I can't leave you without some quotes, can I? No worries. I won't. Today, in the spirit of the REAL FRIENDS edition of my blog, a quote for some of my REAL friends. And these are just the quotes that, when I wrote them down, I was thinking of someone in particular.


     Trust = telling someone about the things that make you sleepless. Or trying to, at least. Wanting to.



     The word friends doesn't seem to stretch big enough to describe how we feel about each other. We forget where one of us starts and the other one stops.



     Why go through something alone when there's someone you trust to be with you?

--RED (sorry, I'm too lazy to find out what essay this one is from, but I know it was one of the twins')


     Lina loved her little sister so much that it was like an ache under her ribs.



     And now I have to edit this post because I forgot one very important thing. Actually two. Number one, my dorky pride reference: quagmire triplets. And number two: AM I THE ONLY PERSON IN THE UNIVERSE WHO HAS SEEN THE MOVIE "SUPERFIRE"? I swear, my friends think I'm making this movie up. And I'm not, I'm really and truly not. IT EXISTS! So please, someone, save me... tell me you've seen it too!



hayleyh said:

Woo for noveling! I'm halfway done with mine right now, but 2,000 words away from winning nanowrimo-- which ends tomorrow. (!) Best of luck with yours. Call on me anytime you need to talk/rant/*** about it.

November 29, 2007 4:34 PM


Oct. 15 [going to work soon] [two school essays due; majorly nervous about both] [remember when i wrote that short story where the girl said "majorly" every other WORD practically? ha]