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...from the song Xavia

on letters from the future

     I'm guessing a lot of you probably haven't heard this song that I'm going to talk about because, uh, it's country and I'm pretty sure you're not all as addicted to XM channel 16 as I am. But anyway, it's this song called Letter to Me (video link) by Brad Paisley and it's pretty much him writing a letter to himself to send back to when he was seventeen.

     And I just got done being seventeen so I really don't have any words of wisdom to say to my seventeen-year-old self, but I like the general idea of sending a letter to your past self. If only your past self could actually recieve the letter. Wouldn't it be weird though, to go to the mailbox one morning and get a letter? From yourself. From the future.


     Wait. Quick The Office reference. And yes, this is from memory, so no shooting me if it isn't exactly perfect.

Jim: I don't have a ton of contact with the Scranton branch, but before I left I stole a box of Dwight's stationary and every so often I send him faxes. From himself. From the future.

--cut to Scranton branch--

Dwight: (reading fax) Dwight, at 8:30 am the coffee will be poisened. Repeat do NOT drink the coffee. Further instructions to follow, Future Dwight.


     Oh how I heart The Office. But back to my original point - more than writing a letter to my past self, I think I'd rather recieve a letter from my future self, like Dwight does. But only if my future self is doing well because otherwise it's just depressing.

     And obviously this hasn't been one of my better posts, but forgive me. I'll write something better eventually. I would say soon but that's just too much pressure.




AmyG said:

No, it's an excellent post--thank you for making me laugh at that brilliant, brilliant bit from the Office. Also best argument ever for the fax to live on. An email from the future just d/n work, does it?

January 24, 2008 8:32 AM


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