Your Smile On Fire

...from the song Xavia

i am tall and skinny with dark hair. and, erm, that's it.

I think it's safe to say that I hope I never ever ever ever have to pick someone out of a lineup.


Because honestly? I would be terrible at it.


I thought of that after seeing the current poll my friend has up on her blog, something about which part of a person's outfit you notice first. (I did not answer the poll because my answer would be something like, "I am a dodo bird and unless you are actually wearing a chicken suit, I probably don't notice." And why wasn't that an option!? I mean, she knows I read her blog. I think.)


But anyways, I never notice what people look like. Not in any detail anyways. I think one time my cuzzie asked what the guy I liked (at the time) looked like. And my answer was something along the lines of, "um, he has dark hair and it's curly and he's tall. I think." She looked at me like I was crazy. She said, "but what does he look like?" But come on, I knew he was cute, I'm just not the best at noticing or describing people. Honestly. The way I describe my sister is something about her being tall and her hair being brown. Oh, and she's skinny.


You have a visual now, right? I would post a picture but EVEN THOUGH EVERY PICTURE OF MY SISTER IS BEAUTIFUL BECAUSE SHE'S AMAZINGLY PRETTY AND PHOTOGENIC, she would think whichever picture I chose was stupid.


My noticing of what people look like seems to boil down to three things.

1. If they are tall or short (and sometimes I say tall when they're really just regular height).

2. Hair.

3. If they are really fat or really skinny. If they are middle-of-the-road I don't notice.


Sigh. I don't know why I'm taling about this. It's not very interesting. I just like calling myself a dodo bird maybe? (Also, have no idea if I have ANYTHING at all in common with the dodo bird, it just seems like I should.)



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