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this is difficult work

So after doing this blog meme that basically told me I AM THE MOST UN-WELL READ PERSON EVER IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE, I decided to make my own list of books that I think you should read in order to be well-read. A 'recommended-for-us-all' reading list, if you will.


And, surprise surprise, this is incredibly hard. I'm leaving out a lot of books I personally love but know others wouldn't necessarily (Gone With the Wind, anyone?) as well as a lot that are required reading in schools but I don't really think you should have to read (The Great Gatsby, even though I loved it, many others hated it - HI MOM!!) And I'm adding a lot more recent books, mostly YA because (a) that's mostly what I read and, (b) when you start doing required reading in schools all the books become YA anyways... right?


But so far I only have nine FERSHUR books and six MAYBEBABY books. I think fifteen is a good rounded number for a MUST READ list, but I'm having some troubles deciding which the fifteen should be. I think I'm going to take Little Women off the list. I mean, it's a great book, don't get me wrong, but besides the fact that it's commonly regarded as GREAT LITERATURE, I really don't see why everyone should read it.


Plus I'm having a hard time keeping the list strictly fiction, despite the fact that I mostly read fiction (and YA fiction at that). I'm tempted to add a nonfiction amendment to it that has books like The Diary of Anne Frank and Tuesdays With Morrie.


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