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the marriage age is going up? hm?

So according to the statistics, marriage age is getting older and older. The average age to get married is now in your late twenties for both men and women.


Which sort of makes me go, "huh?" Because I just don't see it.


I know of at least three girls in my classes who are planning their weddings (and none of them is any older than 22), more people that are that young and already married. Sarah's friend (who's what? 20? 19?) got married a few months back and another girl I know (who is 19, I think) got married just last week. Plus I found out that a girl I was friends with in third grade and beyond, who's still a senior in high school, is engaged.


So do I just deal with a very skewed-from-the-rest-of-society group of people? At first I thought that, but then I realized that all these people I'm talking about aren't at all in the same section of my life. A couple of them are of the same religion as me, others I know from school, and that last girl is someone I haven't seen since freshman year. So, uh, what's up? Is the marriage age going up for everyone except people within one degree of the Jordyn?


And really, what is the right age to get married? This question has been the catalyst for many Jordyn-Mich, uh, debates over the years. Probably as time goes on it will become an ironic thing, lol, but our opinions vary so much that I feel like we need to have a mediator - someone to stand in the middle (figuratively speaking, of course), and tell us the correct answer.


Which is, obviously, that there is no correct answer. Some people get married at eighteen and twenty-five years later are still perfectly married and say things like "JORDYN YOU REALLLY MUST START DRINKING COFFEE, FOR IT IS THE LIFEBLOOD OF CHAMPIONS!!" And then there are people who get married at that same age and five years later are all OMG WHAT DID I DOOO?? and boom, divorce. Same goes for people who get married at twenty-four or twenty-five or twenty-nine or thirty-two. And that just makes everything so much more confusing.


So what was I talking about? Oh yeah. The marriage age going up for everyone except people I know? Or something like that?


Also, I watched Chasing Zoey Friday night. Because I am obviously still thirteen years old, woo-hoo!!



amyh said:

Well, it's really based on national averages I guess. It's like, more and more people are going to college and grad school, so more and more people are waiting to get married until after that — or they're putting education/career before marriage. Stuff like that. I mean, I know plenty of people who won't go to college or who will get married within the next four years, but overall, based on averages, I can see how it's all going up.

May 4, 2008 4:57 PM


Oct. 15 [going to work soon] [two school essays due; majorly nervous about both] [remember when i wrote that short story where the girl said "majorly" every other WORD practically? ha]