Your Smile On Fire

...from the song Xavia

i have awesome radio stories

There’s a lizard outside my window, friendlies.


In other news, have you ever wondered why when you put in a DVD of The Office (assuming, of course, you have DVDs of The Office) the theme song is so loud you have to scramble to turn the volume down no matter how low it already was, but then the actual show comes on and you have to turn the volume up as high as it will go just to hear what they’re saying? Yeah. That’s annoying.


I’m counting how many books I have with the main character’s name in the title. Does anyone else do stuff like this? Probably not.


The answer, in case you were wondering? Ten. Suite Scarlett, Saving Zoe, Serafina67, The Murder of Bindy Mackenzie, The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, Harriet the Spy, The Alison Rules, and Hail Caesar. Jeez. I should have counted how many books have titles starting with the word the. Just because I call myself the Jordyn doesn’t make it okay for everything and everyone to do the same.


You can tell I have nothing to write about, can’t you?


Oh! Okay, so I just thought of something to tell you. Yesterday I was in the car, listening to the radio, going to the library. And anyways, some lady calls the radio station and the conversation between her and the DJ goes something like this;


Lady: Am I late?


Because this radio station is always giving stuff away. I think all of them are. Me and my cousins used to listen to The Impossible Question and try to answer it, which reminds me of a few more funny radio stories, but back to the one at hand. I’ll start over now because I’m sure you all forgot what the lady said by now. (Of course I’m assuming you’re all just like Dory.) Anyways;


Lady: Am I late?


DJ: For what?


Lady: I don’t know. Just, you know, whatever.




And also it makes me want to tell more radio stories. Like this one. It was March 6th, 2007 and I know that for sure because I just looked up the old email I wrote Michelle about it. See, I write people random emails like this fairly often. And don’t even bother to ask how my mind works that I actually remembered that. I boggle even myself sometimes. Anyway, this morning radio show was asking people to call in and tell what their obsessions were. So blah, blah, blah, obsessed with reality shows, shopping, motorcycles, whatever. Then this guy calls in and the DJ asks him what his obsession is and he says this, WORD FOR WORD, “Well, I don’t know if I would call it an obsession, but I do know that before I started playing World of Warcraft I used to do other things.”


Um, yes. I would call that an obsession. Worse, I would call it an addiction, but who am I to judge? Also, that was hilarious.


Oh, and I do have one more radio story to tell but before that a little bragging. I got a 95 on my preschool observation!! Picture me doing a little happy dance (my happy dance, incidentally, involves me jumping up and down as if I think I am a kangaroo. It is very wonderful). No but seriously friendlies, this is awesome. It means maybe I will get an A in the class? One can only hope.


And okay, on to the next radio story. I told you guys about how me and my cousins (and sister, of course) used to listen to a local radio station that had this thing called The Impossible Question. Usually the winner would win, like, a meal from Taco Bell or something, and Brad really wanted to win a taco. I’m not sure if it was about the winning or the taco (he’s a notorious cheap-o), but this is why we sometimes called in. (Well. He called in or Taylor called in. Not me. Maybe sometimes Mads would. Not me.) (Did I mention I never called in?) Back to the story. I forget what the question was this one time, but Bradis was talking to the radio guy and in the background Tay and Madisona were jumping around and being… well… loud. So after my cousin tells the DJ his answer their conversation goes something like this;


DJ: Are you in a zoo or something?


Bradisona: What? Oh, no, that’s just my sister and cousin.


You guys. I am not kidding you. That is what was said. That really happened. Do I not have the bestest cousins (and sister, but from now on out lets just assume that 98% of the time when I say “cousins” I mean “cousins and sister”) ever?


Yes. Yes I do.


Also, Madisona will be 12 very shortly. Wow we are all getting really old. Before you know it we will be all married and what not and will bore our children to death with stories about how “when me and your aunts and uncle were little.”


Oh crud, wait. Haha, they won’t be aunts and uncle! They will be second cousins! Oh well. We can just call them that anyways, right? Right? RIGHT?



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