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my active imagination

Omg you guys. You can find anything on the internets.




Including that old tv show of which I have been trying to gather proof of for, like, ever. Flash Forward. It was on Disney Channel way back when? And I mean way back. Like before Lizzie McGuire or Jett Jackson (um, anyone remember that one?) back.


And, guess what? It exists! ed. It existed.


Honestly. Sometimes I think I invent these things in my mind and they never really existed at all, I just made them up. Some other things I may or may not have made up in my twisted up mind?

  • The Great Bamboozlement. It was a book and this family lived on a boat and they were river merchants? And the kids had to lie to the thieves who were trying to rob them or something? Omg it was great. I loved it and have been looking for it FOREVER. Now, thanks to the internets and Amazon in particular, I have found it here. But no cover, so I can’t be totally sure if it’s the right one.
  • This book about this brother and sister who went to live in this big old house by a lake with their aunt and uncle? And there was a creepy house by the lake also or something? And they made friends and had a wonderful summer out in the middle of nothingness? Yeah. No idea what it’s called so the internets isn’t of much help. BUT! If you ever read a book that sound similar to this, please leave the title in the comments. It was a childrens’/middle grade book. And oh how I loved it.
  • You know the book The Gadget? (The first ever book I made my dad read?) Well, I forgot about it for a while and somehow got this idea that it didn’t exist and I had just made up in my mind a story with two-headed frogs and killer dogs in it. But no. This book is alive and well.
  • This kids’ picture book that aimed to convince us all that fairies are real? I read it when I was little and thought it was weird. Or at least, you know, I think I read it. You guys, the aliens are maybe playing tricks on me again.
  • A book with little people and they eat acorns or have acorn hats or something, and the girl in it wanted adventure or something. (See? Do you see this crazy peek into The Jordyn’s head that you are getting?)


That’s all the possibly-fiction stuff I can think of right now, but who else is wondering how this season of House (not to mention The Office!) will end?


I know, I know. TV addict. It’s all part of the plan, as I cackle real evil-like. Mwaa-ha-ha-ha-ha!!


In other news, both of my parents currently have reading assignments given to them by yours truly. Mom is supposed to be reading Sarah Dessen’s That Summer and Dad is supposed to read Nancy Werlin’s The Rules of Survival.


And now I have to watch American Idol and hope that the Archulater is booted off.


Hey. I can dream, can’t I?

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